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  • allsteel Feb 6, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    Sales numbers......

    Why is everyone so anxious to get the sales numbers? Are you a global supplier of smart phones and give a qualified analysis of it's success. How could this be done when the phone has only been released in 1/10th it's intended market with only one day in one and four days in the other. You have to take Thors remarks as fact. It is doing much better than expected...PERIOD. Even the bean crunchers at the carriers had to be cautious about initial inventory. If they had come out with a number like 100K sold bashers would say they needed 150K, if 200K had come out they would have wanted 250K. The number is not relevant to a release with such a small initial coverage. With Thors news we are off to a great start. Sold out is sold out.

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    • racebill Feb 6, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

      Sales numbers give you a way of seeing the companies performance You can compare to other phones,other time periods ect.Some people might have more money or a higher pct of their account tied up in BBRY.I don't know what other people on this board have or care,I just want a good return on what I have.I hope everybody here gets what they expect.A person who bought 500 shares at $8 might not be as concerned if the price goes up or down a couple dollars as someone with a large amount of money or an active investor.I admit it probably worked out better he didn't give figures today.He did confirm what board cheerleaders had been saying all week(I don't put much faith in pumpers or bashers) and it had no negative effect on the stock.It'looks like it might build a base and possibly climb more.

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    • i like how rimtards care about sales when they're ostensibly good, but when they're bad, like they've been for nearly three years, it "doesn't matter".

      (you shipped 14 MM phones a year ago, you're only shipping 7 MM as of last quarter...and revenue was down 47% YoY. you're gonna need a lot of help just to get back in the black.)

    • allsteel,

      That is so true. Bashers will keep moving the goal posts.

      This is just the beginning of a new era for a brand new platform and a brand new phone. There is no history.

      When Blackberry releases the Z10-III, then may be numbers will be more relevant then.

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      • enzo.rosso Feb 6, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

        Glad Thor came out to set these internet "analysts" straight. Nothing more than an attempt at market manipulation on their part. I did pick up a Z10 yesterday decided to see what was up at the other retailers/carriers that were offering the Z10. 4/6 were sold out 2/6 had 1-4 units (black, white was sold out) all said demand/SALES were "crazy"

    • None of the real longs care what the bashers think or say. They are just here for us to ridicule.

      The number are important because they provide a basis for calculating cash flow and profit.

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