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  • brightstar44435 brightstar44435 Feb 11, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    America. Give BB a chance. It's not just about MONEY

    Why does America want BB to fail? They are rooting for an Asian Company, with a product (Apple) entirely MADE IN CHINA... I thought you were PATRIOTS? Are you 'sell outs?'

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    • simple because China owns America but does not own Canada..

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    • Call me 'suspicious', but where are these shorts coming from? Why are they in such HUGE volumes with a stock that is trying desperately to move forward? Where is the negative news coming from? Is it the average PATRIOTIC American? From the responses I got, I think NOT.!!! Then whom??? Let's think a bit??? Who wants BB to fail? The average American? NO!!! Then Who???? ... Uuum ... Bill Gates? UUUUM? .... the new Apple CEO ???? ..... Uuuuum ...... Samsung? .... The HEDGE Funds that are holding TONS of Apple Stock????? ////// ......Uuuuum ... You get my drift .... It's a case of the Patriotic American doing his part, but BIG MONEY, trying to CALL THE SHOTS ......... AGAIN ..... and AGAIN ...... GOD BLESS AMERICA .... the REAL AMERICA ... THE guys who fight her wars ... not the guys who play with the stock market and attempt to DESTROY viable, excellent, intelligent, thoughtful companies ...... would CORPORATE America really do this???? .... remember the Electric Car fiasco in California (GM) ............ I rest my case .... GO BBRY GO .... AND GOD BLESS THE REAL AMERICANS ..... Not the Money Grubbers.

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    • this is silly. america doesn't want BB fail. why? because no one cares about BB anymore (

    • van.miles Feb 11, 2013 10:08 PM Flag

      The thing that is really disgusting is that Apple sanctions child labour by having their iphones and other products made in China. Shame on them.

    • racebill Feb 11, 2013 8:44 PM Flag

      We are patriots.I've had either friends or family in every war this country has been in and nobody in our (my family) history ever fought against Canadians.Can't say the same for the Chinese or Koreans.I would much rather buy oil from you guys then muslims that hate us.If bb has a better product we'll buy it. Don't judge us all by douche bags that talk tough behind a computer screen.Or by the goofs on the apple channel(CNBC).I own stock in 2 Canadian companies and I expect both to do very well

    • well for one.... bbry isnt an american company

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