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  • brightstar44435 brightstar44435 Feb 11, 2013 11:52 PM Flag

    BB is Selling Out Everywhere! Yet shorts are 33% of the float. Bit Weird?

    When BB has proven a HUGE success in U.K, Canada, U.A.E., and soon in India and Russia, who is SHORTING? What are they up to?

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    • Go to '' .... sales in UAE are through the roof .... they are selling BB10z as fast as they get them .... One analyst predicts 40 million smartphones in 2013 (Byron capitol markets, Tom Astle) ....YET the stock is $14.20 as we speak .... go Figure? If that isn't an orchestrated 'monopoly' SHORT, I don't know what is ..... they are 'picking up' the shares as Longs are getting 'stopped out' ..... KEEP THE FAITH ....

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    • racebill Feb 12, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

      The shorts are shorting because they studied Rimm and think it will fail.A CEO talking a little bit and selling out a limited amount in a few countries isn't going to scare them.The retail shoerts see BBRY move up on the CEO talk and the few limited sales and think hmmm this is an easy short.The traders get a $2 bump up and they take profits.The shareprice goes down .More peopleshort more people sell.The price goes down.Cheerleaders on message board cry manipulation.It's just supply and demand.not rocket science.Some good news come out buyers buy cheap shares retail shorts cover the cycle repeats itself.When more is known like actual sales and profits the stock will move up or not.I think it will.The real longs that got in at $7-10 think it will the shorts that got in at$100 think it wont.Time will tell

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      • " .... they studied & said Rimm would fail' ....... Name these STUDIES .... give me the facts ....How do you know the sales are limited? ... Do you KNOW the population of U.K., Canada & UAE combined? .....100 million people .... one third the population of the USA ..... can you imagine the number of phones they have sold when in all 3 countries there has been LINE UPS and many, many stores selling out ?? ....... give me YOUR FACTS ....... stop being a LACKY for the 'vested interests' who want BB to fail .... Let's not kid ourselves we ALL KNOW who they are .... Don't we? .......

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      • You're oversimplifying this, and you're arrogant about it too—have been in nearly every post. It's not that simple and if you view people as that simple you're foolish. There is a grain of truth in what you say, but if you are so bright then why aren't you trading on the $2 bumps or, if you got in at $7-10, the 35-50% drops and climbs? Are you an "investor" investing in the company? If so good for you, but it's not necessary to put everybody else down who is trying to navigate an intense stock amid clear market manipulation. You of all people should watch that video recommended earlier.

    • In India BB 10 has minimal chance of success. I have seen BB very popular with teenage bcos of BBM service and cheaper plans. Phones that were popular here are curve and bold series which are at the lower end. I have seen more and more kids moving to Samsung here as it offers cool factor and many freebies.

      Maybe few corporate clients upgrade. But India is all about Nokia (lower end) and Samsung (mid and high end).

      Sharing with this board the ground reality from Indian markets.

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      • I dont know how you can say that there is no market for BB10 in India. I know a lot of people, myself included, waiting for the launch of the z10 on Feb 24. I only wish BB would do a better job of announcing the start date for sales in India. Apple has full page ads out in the local newspapers for iphone 5 - sold on a 1-2 year monthly installment payments. Do not under estimate the size of the middle class in India and their desire for status symbols, which BB has become. All the lower end phones to come will only add to BB's succcess in this part of the world.

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      • BB is developing a 'low-end' smartphone for India and Indonesia and Africa ... problem solved ..

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      • You Say you are from INDIA. Do you know who Prem Watsa is? Have you heard of ICICI Bank? He is a major shareholder. Guess what other company he is THE major shareholder. Wow ... you are right you get first prize ... Why YES, it is none other than Blackberry (Rim) ... do YOU pretend to understand India better than billionaire Prem Watsa? I think he knows India just as well as you and then some. Guess What? ..... BB is developing a 'Low-End' BB product exclusively for India, and Indonesia, and Ghana, etc .... You keep making the mistake that this is Silly Balsillie running Rimm ... these new CATS, know what they are doing ... just lay back and trust them .. go long ... and think of how will spend all that money once BB hits $100 a share ONE YEAR FROM NOW ........ peace be with you .....

      • I disagree..Those days are gone long. People have money and they are spending it..remember TATA came up with cheap car and that was a super BB10 will sell in India big time.

    • Very few BBs produced to incite a view of being sold out with little volume. A common strategy to create artificial interest. Apple sold 2-3 million in 2 days, where are the numbers from RIM. There are none, and will never be released. That is the gimmick! This is a complete short!

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      • The Sales in the U.K. are a 'gimmick'? .... the sales in Canada are a 'gimmick'? ...the sales in U.A.E. are a 'gimmick'? .... I agree the EXACT numbers, for whatever reason, have not been released, BUT, this is no gimmick... several analysts have 'confirmed' these sales, including Peter Misek of Jeffries, I suppose you conside one of the most reputable analysts in America, also to be a gimmick? ... we will have to see the final numbers ... BUT, things are looking gooooooood ...

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    • I still can't get a BB10 in Canada at Wind Mobile network! Estimate is a week or 2. #$%$ me off! Shorts are deluded!

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      • The FACTS do NOT support the 'short' positions. BB has received nothing but good news and praise from day one by the RIGHT people (engineers, technicians, and finally consumers).That is why I am 'skeptical' w.r.t. these shorts.Who are they? It appears to be more of a 'move' to DELAY the inevitable success of BBRY. What I can't figure out is, WHO IS DOING THIS? .... It is TOO MASSIVE to be a lot of 'average investors' ..... why would HEDGE funds risk all this money? ... I for one cannot figure this out ..... I find it 'baffling' ....

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