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  • jeeek5 jeeek5 Feb 12, 2013 9:32 AM Flag

    'Money Flows Out Of Apple And Into BlackBerry' - Forbes

    From the Forbes article today - check it out...

    "Even though BlackBerry stock was falling, it experienced a positive money flow of $17.79 million. This was not all mom and pop buying. The money flow calculated only from block trades into BlackBerry was also positive $11 million. Block trades are indicative of institutional activity.

    "In contrast to BlackBerry, Apple saw a money flow of negative $274 million. Institutions were also selling as the money flow calculated only on block trades was negative $229 million.

    "Calculating money flow is science, but interpreting it is an art. My interpretation of the positive money flow in BlackBerry is that much of it was short covering. My algorithms detected aggressive short covering several times during the day. For reader’s reference, 129.4 million shares of BlackBerry have been sold short out of the public float of 467.70 million."

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    • racebill Feb 12, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

      Never mind author is not who I suspected it might be.The person I was refering to imitates people like the author and is wrong 95% of time

    • It's not a positive article, writer is still short, don't expect anything positive from Forbes. Claims the positive money flow is simply short covering - and what's wrong with that anyway? BBRY has very few friends; in fact, it has enemies, lots of them. Tiny little player, with "decimated" market share, with "dwindling" cash, with "ancient" technology, and Canadian to boot! It's not even worth consideration! And yet, it has attracted more attention per capita over the last 6 months than anything listed, 95% negative. What on earth are they afraid of? Home Depot has dropped 10000 onld BB for 10000 old iPhones, oh my! That is a stab in the heart, the kiss of death, run for the hills, and if you don't believe me, I will make sure teh news is posted 12 times a day until something else comes along.

    • racebill Feb 12, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

      Do you know name of the author of that article. If it is Riccaro he is an idiot(aka RIcky Ricardo,aka rbg5r) He tries to write articles on internet pretending to be an analyst and has a website rqmoney.If that is who wrote it I wouldn't pay much attention.He is supposed to be a money flow expert but he is allmost allways wrong. On the other hand a lot of my apple money did flow to BB lol.

    • Of course it has and will continue. QNX will gather strength, BB10 will sell as the word spreads from REAL users. All the rest is spin from various parties trying to get the stock down so they can either buy it cheap or cover a short position. Anyone who does DD here will realize that. Buy and accumulate a core position, BEFORE it is over $30 and all the booya crowd are then telling you to buy. The biggest percentage gains are ALWAYS with those who see a story like this unfolding, not the sheeples who tend to wait and follow. Some things never change. And then on these message boards, after the sheeples buy at the tops, sell at the bottoms you will read endless whining and complaining from those same people, as though it was somebody else to blame for either missing these situations, or losing on ill timed purchases and sales. Want to make money when new technology, here or in biotech, for example is unfolding. Do your OWN DD and look at the facts, market and potential. Here you not only have it all, but an installed base, tons of cash, and no debt, all with the very best platform for what appears to be YEARS to come. This is when you buy folks.

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    • All the negative PR's and bashing lately has nothing to do with Blackberry and the phones and it is all about shorts trying to get out.
      Apple is a dinosaur ....... the best they can do lately for inovation is convert a nano into a watch ..... to funny. The comapny will flounder without Steve and if they don't get someone to grab the rudder soon, a lot of share holders will find them selves holding an empty bag.

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    • Only about 30% or the float are short.
      It is crazy.

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