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  • elmaestro11 elmaestro11 Feb 14, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

    Lying CNBC conviniently forget to mention that Old CEO Sold 1 year ago they make it look like this Just happend.

    What a Bunch of Dirtbags.

    Lets all send them Hate Emails.

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    • racebill Feb 14, 2013 2:59 PM Flag

      Is that what all this crying is about the ceo selling his shares the message board bashers tried that a long time ago.There is a reason 90% of the people that get in the stock market fail.It's not easy.The guys that are smart enough to make millions aren't gonna just hand it to you.If you can't take it BBry will come up to what you bought it for soon.sell it and quit.If you stay in after that you know what your in for and have no reason to complain.This stock will not go to $30 because a few Canadians think it's a good phone.It might go to $30 if BBRY proves they have a good product and proves they can make a profit selling it.This is a game that for every winner there is a loser

    • good point - he sold around $15 or so before it tanked to 6. Why is this newsworthy a year later? Why not release it when the stock was $14 in December? Because CNBC know how to manipulate the public into shorting and scooping up easy trades, while investors are sitting on the fence and asking these "experts" what to do. They've done it 3 times now...and succeeded! Should also point out I don't think Heins would have changed to ticker symbol to have the shares going any lower than 13. That is why the shares are "volatile". I expect analysts to reiterate buy ratings - Kris Thompson downgraded to $10 yesterday but that seems based on unfounded speculation.

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      • 1 Reply to ottosh1
      • Come on, we ALL KNOW WHY. Its the booya crowd leading the sheep to lose, while their friends on Wall Street get to cover their short positions. Some things never change. Remember when they were having guys on telling folks the Real Estate market was where to put your money, telling you NOT to buy gold when it was a few hundred dollars, getting you in at the top of the Internet Bubble. You make money doing your OWN DD. Here it is very simple. The QNX platform is superior. They ALL know it, and are afraid for their friends with vested interests in Apple, in my opinion. If you follow the booya CNBC and other media types, you will be almost guaranteed of losing your money, as history indicates to me. But for some reason, many/most NEVER LEARN. Even after losing most of their money in the bubbles they pushed, and not making it on the things they SHOULD have said were screaming buys, like gold at $300 for example. Here, BBRY is cheap, will do deals with many or get bought for a healthy premium on todays price. Why? Best technology with big installed base, cash, no debt and looking good. FACTS. EOS

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    • Exactly. The shares were sold over a year ago when he stepped down. He was forced to liquidate. Amazing they don't report the actual facts. It's a criminal enterprise network who are told what to report by hedge funds. You wanna see corruption, investigate their friends and spouses and lovers accounts and see how much they are making from insider trading. All the #$%$ at cnbc are corrupt.

    • They are reporting what came out in the SEC filings today, February 14, 2013. BUT if they had bothered to READ the filing, and actually disclose the DATE of the actual information, they would have mentioned that it was as of December 31, 2012 that James L. Balsillie held Zero shares.

      He didn't just sell them.. it's old news. Just as Home Depot was old news.. based on a decision long before the Z10 came out.
      Sure they are playing us.. what's new.

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    • CNBC is a criminal enterprise, didnt you know that? Cramer is a financial terrorist

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