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  • land_of_hype land_of_hype Feb 24, 2013 9:14 PM Flag


    Darn bloody hell for wasting my time looking for nothing. No official news from reuters means it is fabricated. If you can show me the news i'll buy your shares at pre-market tomorrow. now start looking for the official news from reuters and do not sleep until you find it.

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    • Heinz is not so stupid to give a number........
      He can be sued in a class action just by saying that was the best lunch for BB
      If is a low number he is in a big trouble and BB stock is going to one digit...........

    • A bunch of losers with no brain...
      Fabricating news to get out of the hole............

    • Thank you to all longs for that major news and for the link to verify it.

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    • Please make a few calls (as I did and many other people did across Canada), and do your own SAMPLING. Sure it is not 100% accurate BUT you will get an idea on how WRONG the analysts have been . Especially that joke of an alnalyst at Cannacord (aand they are Canadian) ... the number of people on the take, OR to lazy to do proper research is incomprehinsible .LLLLL do yourself a favour, start accumulating this stock on the dips the shorts are creating ... in 2 or 3 months you will make a TON of MONEY ...

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    • It's not a blog. Its Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. It's a national German newspaper founded in 1949. You embarass yourself when you display your stupidity.

      • 3 Replies to kent_spel

        In conversation: BlackBerry boss Thorsten Heins "We have ramped up our production"
        24.02.2013 • Before the launch of the new device spread in Germany Thorsten Heins confidence. Blackberry had to be a better chance than Microsoft, number three in the smartphone business.
        Mr. Heins, formerly the BlackBerry had the nickname "Crackberry" because its users were addicted to it. Why from the CrackBerry a shop keeper has become?
        This is too flat, for many customers, there are still the CrackBerry. But I admit: Particularly in the United States we have lost the CrackBerry - unlike markets such as India and Indonesia, where we stand up very well today. We were too static, as the market has shifted from companies to consumers. We have for too long remained fixated on the traditional BlackBerry features such as security, battery life, and the physical keyboard.
        Now you hope for a comeback of new smart phones with the operating system BlackBerry 10th Some analysts say the launch in initial countries such as Britain and Canada a few weeks ago was a little underwhelming.
        Since I have completely different information, and you can be sure that we are the sales figures every day watch. We exceed our expectations, and the requirements were ambitious. Before we give out specific numbers, we want to do business but watch for a while.
        There was speculation that the new BlackBerrys were sold out in some stores only because you have kept the offer extremely tight ...
        The fact is that we have been surprised by the positive response. We have now increased our production capacity.
        How much for?
        I will not reveal at the moment. But I can say this much: significant for us and unexpectedly high proportion of BlackBerry 10 devices will be purchased by new customers who previously had iPhones or Android smartphones.
        Apple's iPhone and devices with the Android operating system from Google dominate the smartphone market. Next is even enough room for a third platform, including Blackberry?
        A duopoly is never a healthy situation. This is true from the perspective of the consumer, but also the network operator that is exactly why are showing great interest in working with us.
        If there is room for a strong number three: Why can not the Blackberry and its competitor Microsoft with its Windows Phone software?
        First of all, we still have an installed base of 79 million subscribers. And BlackBerry 10 offers something that Windows Phone can not, namely, the strict separation of business and personal information. The Microsoft can not imitate times just between evening news and weather reports.
        But it's not a bad sign for you that Microsoft, despite great efforts and good reviews with Windows Phone so slowly progressing?
        Not because we differ much more from the competition. These new devices from Nokia with Windows Phone for example, are not bad. But if you want to differentiate themselves as in the case in the first place with a high quality camera, then I wonder if it is sufficient to herüberzuholen users of Apple and Android.
        What, then, is the crucial distinguishing feature of BlackBerry 10, which will make you believe that the user scrolls in droves to you?
        Clearly the BlackBerry hub that can converge all communication services such as e-mails and messages from social networks in one place and can be retrieved with a simple wipe on the screen. In addition, the new BlackBerrys much easier switch between applications. This works quite unlike Apple devices, where you constantly have to press the Home button.
        But many users have become accustomed to not like Apple just such mechanisms?
        I do not deny that you have to go with the new BlackBerry through a certain learning curve. We therefore give great effort to make consumers familiar with the new system, for example, with instructions in Youtube videos.
        Some of the most popular software applications such as photo service Instagram have not been available for BlackBerry 10th Mitigates this deficiency with apps not your chances of success?
        We started with 70,000 apps, which is an impressive number, and it will soon be 100 000. Moreover, the number of apps in itself is not so important. But of course we are working hard to bring us to the most important apps.
        You have about a year ago started a strategic review and called it as partnerships and licensing options, but also not ruled out a sale. Has made any difference?
        The test is still going, but I would say that tonality has changed something because it now are signs that we have supplied with BlackBerry 10 something sensible and good that matters. Insofar as the options could perhaps go in a different direction.
        Does that mean that a sale is more likely or less likely?
        That's a thing of the Supervisory Board, to which I want to make any assessment. We will take us at least for the strategic review for so long until we get a reasonable result.
        What it means for the future of your company, if BlackBerry 10 turns out to be a flop?
        The scenario I was not on the radar screen because the recent sales trends show in a different direction. But even if it would come to this, the fact remains that BlackBerry 10 is a platform that is unparalleled. You would then just have to think in terms of shareholders, what do you do with such values.
        My first foray into the market for tablet computers with the Playbook was a disappointment. They are another attempt?
        First of all, we want to get BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook, so that we have uniform platforms. And then we will consider basically a strategy on how we can add value in the tablet market beyond mere hardware. One thing I can say: Our ambition is not sure, one of many in the 199-dollar segment of tablets to be.
        Interview by Roland Lindner.
        Source: FAZ

      • looks like you are having a hard time looking for the link, thought so...Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung website is faz net .... bunch of BS

      • the last news they have about Heins was Jan 23, 2012. per google search. now dont embarass yourself by not providing the link ...what a bunch of lies

    • Go to CrackBerry site for translated interview.

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    • Why on earth the longs are taking too long to produce the link to that official reuters news release?? Must br hearsay!

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