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  • teknowiz teknowiz Feb 28, 2013 7:29 AM Flag

    Why are shorts so much after BBRY?

    I completely fail to understand.

    BBRY is a tiny company compared to its worldwide reach. Its market cap is less than 7 billion. It has close to 3 billion in cash. Even if the worst of the predictions come true, the most pessimist target price is around 7. That is less than 50% decline.

    So lets see, the most shorts can make realistically is 3 billion. On the top of that it is overly crowded trade. There is a risk of massive short squeeze. That 3 billion profit ever materializes for shorts, it will not come easy.

    So why dont they go after Apple? With 430 billion market cap, if apple declines 10% they make 43 billion.
    Why dont they go after some of the bloated stocks like NFLX, FB? A small decline in those bloated stocks can make them more money than they will ever make on BBRY short.

    NFLX has more competition than BBRY. It offers CHEAP service costing less than $10 per month. They have absolutely no competitive advantage.

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    • A LOT more money to be made on a percentage basis on the PUTS. Most of the downward movement at this point comes from PUT buyers. The question I have, does the official short interest we see reported on NASDAQ take into account the market makers exempt short shares? I realize that the market maker balances out upon each expiration, but a lot of options investors are just rolling to the next month so, the market maker continues to lay off risk by shorting. Does NASDAQ count those shares? OR Do they just count the shares that are borrowed?

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    • Its because it is EASILY manipulated in the press...easy to spread fear and doubt. That time is coming to an end because the product is finally on the market and REAL SALES numbers will soon be exposed...and when that happens they cannot hide behind lies,rumours and fear mongering....the TRUTH always prevails and this stock will soon be excorcised of it's short interest...and they will move on to the next one (Apple? lol) that they can manipulate to the short side.

    • Because crooked nose hexagram/666 worshiping shiiiite lovers who do nothing but play in with their own #$%$ day in day out, want you out of this stock so they can buy it. Those criminals didn't get to where they are today without lying and lying and lying, and using every shiiiity trick known to man to misinform and deceive every last chance they. BBRY has been on their RADAR for years because they're insider spy's had a visual of the BB10 roadmap 2 years ago and knew exactly what BB10 would do when it hit the markets. BBRY should be trading at $30 right freak'n now given sales success and expected US acceptance. Those little motherpluckers want everyone to give them their shares and that is why day in day out their media deception has a BBRY puke-a-thon every 5 minutes.

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    • Could be someone trying to keep it down for a buyout. But you are right. There are so many other plays that offer much greater assurance. Either way, the stock is going much higher. they now have the best phone on the market. And nothing compares for businesses and gov't. They perfected it. Being able to look at or share your data with the same phone, the work personal aspect and it having ability to add and delete and wipe a phone is huge. That's why shorts are trying this samsung bs. No company wants that android junk in reach of their personal info. Just look at all the hacks and where they are coming from! Asia!! Just be patient. This is going much higher very soon.

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    • Because they still see BB as the same company with an outdated product instead of a company with new products that work and the cash flow to get it done! They love to just compare it to other irrelevant companies like PALM who had no cash flow, huge debt, no following, and didn't have a product that was keeping up in sales like the top products of their time

    • stefanbuckowitz Feb 28, 2013 7:35 AM Flag

      They live in the past .... :)

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