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  • yoloblackberry yoloblackberry Mar 1, 2013 3:11 AM Flag

    A deeper look into the business model of Samsung .

    Everyone is saying how Samsung is making a big change in the mobile industry. I can tell you what happens exactly when Samsung enters a market. Remember Samsung tv when it came out ? I can tell you exactly where my Samsung tv is right now, in the dumpsters because they can never fix the capacitor issues with their tv. The end result was that they refund me 300 for something I paid 3k for at the time that I only used for 1 year. Is that what you call quality? I think not.

    With Samsung you can expect no quality products and that it will break after a year. Let's not even talk about customer support. All they will do is trash the market and everyone making less quality stuff. You can see this trend happening now as we speak. Apple to release a cheaper version of the iPhone????

    Apple was once a great company with innovations but they have become too caught up with Samsung. Only thing they can do now is sit while their market shares get stolen. Sure sounds a lot like what happened to Sony tv's huh?

    Also the way they advertise commercials shows how desperate they are to get attention. Always calling out other phones. Funny thing is they don't even have software. All of the innovation is from google. It just sickens me the way they do business.

    Anyways to make this short, if u want to support a company like that sure go ahead. But I will never buy a Samsung product again.

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    • Samsung products have tons of problems with the electrical capacitors (and other components with life reliability) in their devices like TV and LCD monitor, printers. I had replaced many capacitors in order to fix them. I shouldn't tell friends for the issues and they all gave me Samsung devices to fix. But I told friends stop buying Samsung products for such a #$%$ quality.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Not to mention they dump the DRAM price until everyone is out of business and then raise the price of DRAM. Still remember how much DRAM was? Their business model is to drive you out of business first. They got lucky with Google dumping their Android OS for free. It should be illegal to give out things free if it cost you money to make. It is a form of dumping.Google is trying to "commoditize" the hardware and software so they can make money from advertising. Samsung is just the accomplice and that's why their margin is thinner. Historically that's how Korea has to do to survive, being sandwiched between Japan and China and has not much resources from her land. I like BBRY for her fighting spirit. Fighting on its own against titans with much better product(s).

    • Samsung in my opinion copies any and every technology they can and they bleed it dry...Look what they are
      doing with Droid.

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