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  • sprktman sprktman Mar 4, 2013 8:45 AM Flag

    Anyone else disappointed the company isn't releasing some sales data this morning?

    Come on. They could give data for just one country. Like the UK or Canada. Or just Feb sales. Or one weeks sales data. Something. But they remain silent. This could help build the momemtum for the launch here. If they wait til earnings, then launch here will happen and it will be ho hum. If sales are really strong, they should get it out there for people to see. It will increase excitement on the phone.

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    • but rimtards are calling this "quiet period".

      the numbers are so bullish in a make-or-break or product, that no one outside of waterloo should know.

    • Most longs have been waiting a long time for this release. We can wait another 3 weeks for sales numbers. I'd rather see Thor(sten) crack the shorts in the teeth on earnings day than to give some half baked sales numbers prematurely to satisfy some blogger analyst. I support Thorsten.

    • If Thor responded to every "bait" news these guys threw at him he would be making announcements DAILY. Thor has the upper hand and will announce when appropriate. The fact that Canaccord just increased his Feb estimate by 167% from just 2 weeks ago tells you that even the bears know the numbers are good. Have patience...they will announce BEFORE earnings to give US launch some hype....

    • If you release numbers you play right into the analysts and competitions hands. And if you respond to every negative report, when do you stop responding and when you do stop it's all over because they'll all conclude you're hiding something or their repoirts are correct! Be patient and the truth will be revealed. If you can't, don't invest in the company. Releasing numbers right now would be the worse thing management could do!

    • Tell you shorts NOTHING!!!
      Forget about it.

    • Really ? lets whine about it... Seriously what do they benefit for early reporting? NOTHING!!! ALL that would do is start a wave of more bashing before earnings so they can pick it apart and put even more speculation into the mix. Like THOR said... he is watching the numbers daily and in the meantime they are more focused on selling products rather than confront the basher media. I think most investors see through the BS #$%$ that is being tossed around by now.

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      • 3 Replies to gameon02
      • what rationalizations you need to make to feel better about your underwater long position, have at it.

      • So using your logic, the sales no matter how good, will be picked apart. So giving some idea of how strong the phone has sold won't matter. So using your logic, they will do the same when the actual 10-q is released so nothing they report will be looked at as positive. So why stay long the stock using your logic?

      • Not "whining" at all. The company is the one going out banging their chests about how well they are doing. So back it up and lets get the stock moving. If you're gonna go out and talk up ur product, then you should back up that talk with numbers. It's been a month since the Canada launch and over a month since uk when they are out saying how great things were. And again, the free poisitive publicity. They need to let Americans see how well the stock is selling before launch. Then they will want to check out the phone before making a decision. So that's what they would benefit. If the street takes the price down this much on thise 300k sales calls and you have in fact sold 6 x that amount, the stock would rise substantially and the positives would outweight the negatives 10-1.

    • No. I can wait. Companies shouldn't release data to appease day traders.

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