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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Mar 5, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    What sounds more probable.

    Sales are higher than estimates and stock drops confounding all the longs


    Sales are higher and the stock rockets because they sold lots of BB10 in prior months!

    Yes you know.

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    • tracey563 Mar 5, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

      sales miss analysts guesses and the stock likely drops

    • alexkebfb Mar 5, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

      At this stock price and so much negativity, the contrarian in me says BUY, the risk on the downside is low now and the estimates by analysts are so low that everyone knows the very least they will meet expectations if you listen to what CEO said and what retailers have said about production and sales.

      At these levels, stock is fair value.

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      • BUT you are missing the point, are the sales in BB10 which do not re-occur every single month (more like every 24-36 months), make up for the loss in revenue that is or was guaranteed every single month. I do not think so, that is why I am suggesting the more sales they make they worse their business model looks!

        I think we are going to head lower and lower for the course of the year until such time that the user base is converted over. At which point Blackberry can justify a percentage share of the market such that they can license their "successful" software out and that is the play.

    • Well given probability that those hexagram F'ers really love rolling in their own filth is already past 100%, definitely I know the right answer . The real question you need to ask is this:

      "When hexagram/666 little F'ers try to create the illusion of despair in the face of outstanding results, will even more and more and more and more BBRY ownership be transferred to the people because EVERYONE now sees the relentless string of lies those animals create?! .... or NOT?!?"

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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