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  • kosh_p kosh_p Mar 12, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    Why would anyone buy a z10 when you can wait a few days for Samsung's Galaxy S IV?

    This phone will have an Eye-recognition system that will allow you to control it with your eyes! It will have a 13mp camera, will be sold by ALL carriers, and has a deal with Visa for a new payment system. BBRY is must keep up with the competition with the big ballers or this company is done. Maybe not now, but this year some time, it will have to face reality.

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    • Because Samsung phones are junk.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • And it works as well as Siri. Its called a gimmick. BB10 is for working people that get work done. That is "why".

    • How old r u guys? Like 50? I dont believe in faith, I believe with my own eyes. At first I saw lots of Iphones all over the streets. Now, I see everyone with the SIII's more than I see Apple's. There is another thing that the Z10 doesnt have, its not a fad like the others. Its viewed as an "old people's" phone out there on the streets. No one seems to cry about malware and these phones being junk....just sayin'.

    • Read Peter Misek's interview on BNN and you will see why. Galaxy get 'consistently' hacked into it's e-mail accounts .... cannot make changes to improve the software ... hands tied because 'Carriers' control dissemination of upgrades .........

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Interview on BNN...Cramer...whatever...meant to shore up the stock so they can take money from gullible old people. Saw it. He does not sound confident at all. The interviewer asks if the consumer will get them excited. He stated that he is "not willing to make that bet". As far as business clientele, they've already lost most of their major business and are no longer confident in them. Bottom line to me is that they are fighting for scraps and this sounds like a company on its last breath. I know stock buyers like you like listening to interviews like this or Cramer (oh man, that guy) or what not, and like to pick out the positives, but sounds like too much of a "reach" if you ask me...and the rest of the world.

    • BBRY is dead and has been for the last 3 years. But that doesn't stop the Dingleberries from pumping this turd company. Prep yourself for the flames to come.

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      • As a former owner of a 3 year old BB, I can agree that the experience, especially browsing was terrible. I think that is the big change at RIMM(Now BBRY). THey have been humbled, and realize they need to be competitive, and can't just rely on that formerly juicy service revenue. The Z10 takes into account a lot of the gripes users had and goes well beyond (see the browswer, which is the best of any mobile device).

        Even since launch, BBRY has been amazingly responsive (See battery life basically tripled, and certainly best in class for modern smart phones, and the Q10 is likely to be even longer better life, although I personally think the Z10 is worth the sacrifice to battery, as 3 days, esp. when you have a removable bettery, is long enough...).

    • alexkebfb Mar 12, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

      Why would anyone buy a galaxy phone when you can buy a Nexus 4 for 300$ with pure Google experience and no layered GUI that slows things down.

      By the time you get a update on a Galaxy phone, the next version is already out.

      Waste of money.

      If you going to play, get a Nintendo 3DS, if you want some real work done get a Z10/Q10

    • Z10 will not survive with only 70K apps.

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      • Good thing they will have about 100k apps by launch, and they have the best browswer in a mobile phone, so html 5/FLASH apps will work. Oh ya, and people are also figuring out how to port basically any andriod app (netflix/instagram) via the 1 line of code... yup... seems it is about 1 line of code... no wonder netflix won't make a native app, just put that one line of code in, and you are good to go. Admittedly, it is slow while navigating menus, but once you are streaming, you are flying aparrently (I haven't tried it myself, going via crackberry testimonials). I think the only use I would have for netflix on my Z10 anyway would be hook it to a TV via HDMI anyway. Looks like the only major hold out now is skype, but even that is only a matter of time. (I give it one month after the US launch).

    • The question is why will anyone buy from a company where their profits goes to nuke everyone around the world.....?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ladies and Gentlemen. This is how u can tell that most people who posted on this board who defend bbry are naive. THIS PHONE HAS NOT EVEN BEEN RELEASED IN THE US YET AND THEY ACT AS IF THEY"VE HELD ONE! .....LOLOLOL

    • tracey563 Mar 12, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

      longterm true,however my verizen store mgr just back from a 48 hr course on the bbry is in love with the phone and points out verizen has done the course and the expense of the course since iphone and iphone 3.verizen thinks its a potential monster,longterm though you may be right sammy really hurt competitors,look at what it did to sony tv,forced them into the upper end of the tv biz and holds a lot of control mid to bottom end

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      • A friend of mine was asking about the Z10, as he knows I have one (Canada), and after talking he said, ok, I am glad the battery life is great, I will put in my order. Me: Order? Him: Ya, there is still a waiting list. We are over a month since launch, and there is still a waiting list for at least some carriers in Canada... Amazing... (This in a market that was previously dominated by the iPhone, despite what people think about any canadian loyalty to BB).

      • Sony should have been in the upper end years ago. They should thank samsung for being so aggressive. It isn't as good for the consumer, as I picked up one of the last cheaper sony tvs, as they were clearing out inventory, and the quality is exceptional. A lot of the technology is the same as the higher end models, which is why I think sony was hurting sony, more than SS every did.

      • Apparently, its the only carrier who supports the phone...just sayin'

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