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  • ottosh1 ottosh1 Mar 13, 2013 7:41 PM Flag

    Expectations at $18

    The unknown are what the expectations were in January when BBRY traded at $18. Today at 16 clearly expectations are higher and that brings the stock to $20 pre-earnings. It also shows that any uncertainty that existed is now totally forgotten hogwash. One of the bearish SA bloggers Vlad has turned bullish also, but again why investors give so much credence to these university student bloggers baffles my mind, moreover why are they are paid so much for blogging. We should expect to see more SA blogging out with "I told you so" comments while they cash in their chips.

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    • I'm a university student and submitted my first article earlier today to SA just basically from a numbers standpoint but haven't heard any feedback yet. I actually think it was a respectable article without too much bias and was just showing how the number of units shipped would drive revenues and EPS that I think gives a good frame of reference when thinking on how many units will lead to a range of eps.

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    • There are no resistance till $18.32 your $18 target may hit tomorrow if the volume above 100 millions shares

    • True Otto - But How much do you think whiney bloggers actually get paid? ... I don't believe it's much. A chance to build an online presence to maybe start or expand their own Advisement biz. They have more attention than actual $$'s ~ though Attention is the new world currency.

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    • Hate to rain on it .. Expect MAJOR bashing now as shorts try anything to keep from going under.. Mark my words.. this is the beginning of the REAL SHORT/LONG battle. Its gunna get really ugly for the next 2 weeks.

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      • message boards may have shorts screaming yet it will have no impact on stock price. Watch analyst sentiment magically change to accommodate the rise in share price, or even downplay how low the shares are. In fact I expect heavy short covering, bot more importantly don't expect the shares to drop any time soon as we've seen. They've jumped a lot but that is more short covering in what was speculation/conjecture has now become fact. I price this stock at $30 within 12 months, but the impatient investor expects to see $30 tomorrow or he'll short the stock. How ridiculous is that? Notice when analysts upgrade like Misek saying BBRY is worth 19.50, the investor interprets that as a 1 week target and expects the stock to reach that immediately - it almost did at $18 and then fell back. That's what's causing the volatility. $18 is likely fair value today and we'll probably see it sooner with analyst re-affirming price targets. Heins is the one who knows what will happen, so you'll notice he seems a little smug - some will take that as arrogant pride and short the stock. Others who are more patient know the good time are yet to come. Do you honestly think the sentiment is worse now than the day the z10 was announced? The only thing that is worse is the patience of investors!

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