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  • brightstar44435 brightstar44435 Mar 17, 2013 9:07 PM Flag

    University of Waterloo ... Grad Comment on BB ... $100 Stock ...

    Google, Samsung, it doesn't matter. The Android OS is not supportable. The hardware requirements to make it run even remotely efficient is too great. The S4 is already considered a huge flop (overheating problems, poor build quality - cheap plastic feel, etc.). With over 3,000,000 lines of code, the OS is an albatross. It cannot be maintained. Too many bugs, too slow. The hardware it needs for future releases will not exist. The only real company with a strong future in mobility is Blackberry. Their new BB10 OS built using QNX, is lean, fast, powerful, efficient, and built for a long future of growth. At around 100,000 lines of code, the hardware needed to make it much more powerful than the S4 is easy to do. And the Z10 proves that. iOS is out of the picture, as it is stale, unfriendly, and so outdated it is also unmaintainable. So the future is BBs. They have done a great job of turning things around. Long BB all the way to $100.

    The above is from a blog from a Waterloo University IT student (Waterloo Grads Rule)(home of the BB) ... many, many other blogs were of a similar positive nature .... these guys know their #$%$' ... check it out .. they are SCIENTISTS not 'short shorts' playing Russian Roulette ..........

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    • Im a computer programmer.. I dont have a mit but good enough to know 100k code runs faster than 3m lind code.. memory leaks are big problems when it comes to maintaining large volume of code.. google and apple know they will lose the war, but they cant abandon their os because of their ecosystems. If google buys bb, before it happens, they need to find a way make their ecosystem compatible with bb10 os..

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    • thanks. from a margins perspective BB can make even more money b/c they can achieve the same efficiency using lower range parts and don't need to compete on specs. pure profits

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      • Read Thorsten's 'speach' in Australia ... it will give you 'goosebumps' .... this company has got it all ... the only thing it doesn't have is the NAYSAYERS they are always looking to the pat. They are STUBBBBBBORN .... living in the past ... he even alludes to this ......

        .One pressing issue is the local banking sector, which is competing strongly for mobile banking supremacy through rival apps. Bank technology executives have conceded that they have all but given up developing apps for BlackBerry, due to the low number of local users.

        Mr Heins admitted to being concerned by the perception, but felt it was not too late to turn it around.

        YOU SEE THE TREND HERE ..... they have the PRODUCT ..... Once the Marketing 'starts succeeding', it will be a landslide of Sales .... and, I believe, $50 at the end of the year ...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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