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  • joelew111 joelew111 Mar 18, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    Playbook users getting no love from Thorsten...

    Essentially says they have no plan for a new tablet and the promised Operating system update for the old tablet buyers is nowhere to be seen.

    BBRY continues to show it's love for it's consumers and early adopters.

    Remember all the rimtards like Beaverfail saying he bought 4 playbooks because they were getting the same operating system as BB10 phones?

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    • LEt's talk about mobile phones and how Thor is taking Blackberry from the bottom to #1, which means the stock will likely return back to its alltime high and beyond a few years from now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If BBRY says it is "coming soon" that can mean anything.

      In hindsight, all playbook buyers were nothing more than beta testers for QNX on mobile. By the way, how difficult is it to put the operating system on the tablet if it is already a go on a smaller device. I suspect BBRY isn't being truthful and really is hoping its Playbook buyers forget about the promise of a new operating system update.

      Which apps will the playbook run with the upgrade?

    • pwherman Mar 18, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

      Product director Mike Al Mefleh, speaking at a BlackBerry User Forum in Dubai and reported by Emirates 24/7, is quoted as saying BlackBerry has, “A very clear roadmap,” for the coming year, and in addition to the six new phones we’ll see released, there will be a new PlayBook too. Anonymous sources then speculate a 10-inch version of the PlayBook will arrive soon after the BlackBerry 10 software update for the first PlayBook, or sometime in the second quarter of the year......yes this is contrary to TH.... on the playbook....put odds on it, BBRY will provide new software, and Lenovo will do the hardware.....

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Joelew111...pretty sure they have their hands full getting BB10 platform launched. The PlayBook update to BB10 is coming . As for long term tablet strategy....i'll let you try and put the pcs of the puzzle together. Thorsten has clearly stated margins are thin in the space and they will not jump in and NOT make money. A licensing deal with the likes of Lenovo to run a BB10 tablet makes more sense. he also stated they need to ensure that if they do enter the space it is with INNOVATIVE features that will clearly separate it from others in the tablet space.....

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