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  • nashvillesongman nashvillesongman Mar 21, 2013 4:39 PM Flag

    REAL channel checks: Verizon

    So sick of the false infomation here about poor orders. I have spoken to 7 different operators on the online chat window option since the FIRST day it was offered for pre-order. That Thursday and Friday I got very "unfiltered" commentary from the reps. By Saturday, they were MUCH more cautious on what they were saying as I expect they were reminded not to speak about actual numbers. I know many or most won't believe me...but, here are the highlights of my calls: The first Thursday check was in the afternoon. I was told that he had personally sold 300 that day and expected his call center to have sold 8000. My understanding is there are 26 active call centers. Of course, I am NOT saying we can extrapolate that this means an equal sales activity in each...but it's a start. THEN, the next afternoon, Friday....I actually had the female rep tell me that Verizon had already sold over 1 Million pre-orders in the first 2 days. I know...I know... I must be lying, she must be lying...whatever... bottom line, that is what she said and I expect it was truly a simple, unfiltered response out of excitement. I tried 5 other times to get actual numbers and could not get anyone to say anything about numbers...however, EVERY ONE of them said it was selling very well and there was a lot of interest. Two different reps told me that the ship date had been changed twice already so that meant that the device was selling.
    So....there you have it....yes, these are my checks and I expect, are reliable. At least I can say, IF they are wrong, it is because the Verizon reps GAVE me wrong information....NOT me trying to manipulate the truth. I expect however, that we wil find these enthusiastic Verizon reps had a reason to be so.

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    • Wow .... Wow .... Guess What? .... The same results in the USA, as the results in U.K., Canada, UAE, India, Indonesia etc etc etc ....... What do you think Bashers .... is the ostrich still burying his head in the sand, or do you shorts FINALLY , smell the coffee .................

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    • According to my channel checks. Your numbers are quite reasonable.

    • I do not doubt or your sincerity, however, I have a verizon phone and never get anyone on the phone to give me a straight answer about anything including my bill.

    • With BBRY shares up to my gills, calls and call spreads that I can't nearly keep track of, I want to believe you, but I can't. The Press release from the 1million order just a few days ago caps expectations for me. Your numbers don't seem possible, plausible. You aimed too high on the numbers side, though your tone has all of the sincerity I could hope for. #$%$ I believe, after reading every post you have ever written -- too few, all recent. Good luck to you though.

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      •'s funny you know...I knew that since I had just joined Yahoo...people would again, doubt my sincerity and honesty. I take no offense. Understand that I never joined because I find it rather pointless arguing or debating with people when there requires a recognition of "truth" or fact. AGain, you say here "MY" numbers.... well, these are NOT my numbers....they are the numbers I was TOLD by Verizon reps. As I mention and acknowledge....they are either wrong, right, or somewhere in the middle. What is interesting is human nature at work here. Were I to have a Seeking Alpha following and I disclosed my name and I said all I had said, people would find it more credible. I guess we live in a world of skepticism and cautious optimism. I get it. But, I will say again to you... use your gut and your intellect and listen to those as you say you WANT to believe me. What you are really saying is you DO believe me but you can't bring yourself to say it because it sounds too good to be true. I didn't want to believe the stock could go from $70 to $7 when Colin Gillis came out bashing I decided to laugh at him...and yet, it did. Shergarrr, what would it take for you to believe me that at least what I am reporting is the truth? Do you want the conversations posted here?....would you believe then if you saw it OR, would you think: "maybe that new poster doctored the responses?". I didn't, and I haven't and I am long the stock, in a huge way in proportion to my net worth. And, I have lost lots and lots and now am getting lots and lots back. That's fact. I am hoping for more.

    • Go to (VZ wireless - About us) and scroll to the bottom and click on Code of conduct - scroll down to
      where it says Insider Trading and financial interest

    • Well that would make sense for the million unit order that was released last week!

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      • That is what I am thinking too. Even if hey did actually say 1 mil. I don't trust that number (pretty strong long, as you can see by my other posts). Probably saw the article about 1mil orders, and rumours spread. Call centres tend to be pretty bad for spreading rumours. My previous company sold off one division years ago, and the call centre and HR are usually the first to know.

    • As much as this sounds good, I can guarantee its not true as they are monitored on all calls. They can not give any hard numbers, only generic statements "Its selling great" "we have a lot of calls for it" "a lot of people are calling for it" That is as good as you will get from them.

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      • Bbagger69. I agree that what you are saying is what they are SUPPOSED to do....but that is not what they did. The first two gave me numbers. I am not saying they should have, but they did. Plain and simple. I have tried since and can not get anything out of them with hard numbers. I can post those converstations and the ID number of the conversations...but actually, I would not want to have anyone get in trouble. AND, I know that you will think I have just typed in the responses and doctored it.....but, I didn't. I guess all I can do is state what happened and people can decide for themselves.

    • pwherman Mar 21, 2013 6:10 PM Flag

      Regardless of veracity...sounds awfully positive...another anecdotal nail in short 's coffins....

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    • While you are doing your homemade research, I have another method. Type channel checks into this message board's search engine and select all. YOu will find that rimtards have been getting false channel check readings with each and every product launch dating all the way back to 2000. The most hilarious are the rimtards that believed their local channel checks and conversations with carrier reps proved the Blackberry Storm and the Blackberry Playbook were selling well. Some still post on this message board.

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      • Hey Joelew111, I totally understand your skepticism and I certainly don't doubt previous posts on these boards were misleading and flat our wrong. I am not sure what a "rimtard" is but I am an investor in the company so maybe I AM one. I have been trading Rimm stock for over 10 years actively and I have had my HEAD handed to me in the past year or so. I was doing quite well before that. I bought RIMM aggressively in the $30's, and then stupidly aggressivly (bad english I know) when it went under $20. My decision was terrible and I was wrong. Well, for certain my timing was wrong, maybe in the long run I will be proven right....but it has been a very painful lesson/experience. I was the first one criticizing and mocking Colin Gillis when he put a "sell" on RIMM in the $30's with a $15 or $12 target I believe and the stock ran up to over $70. I thought he was a moron for his call. AGain.....he was wrong in his timing....but eventually he was right. Now...I decided to plug my nose and really trade this stock in size since $7 and I can tell you I am very, very close to now being back in the black. I made the effort to contact Verizon to try and find out for myself what was happening. I expect I have just a good a chance at getting info as anyone. Just please understand that I am NOT fabricating what I am posting here. It is the truth. It is what I WAS told. I grant that the info may be incorrect...but I put this information together with all the other reports and then what our CEO is publicly stating....and man, I think we have a shot here at a great comeback. Just my thoughts.

    • racebill Mar 21, 2013 5:52 PM Flag

      I have dealt with Verizon quite a bit and I know call center operators are not supposed to be speculating about company business The million sounds kind of out there could be a mistake or rimtarded pumping who knows.It really doesn't matter because this board does not effect the share price. On the other hand if this is not rimtarded pumping it is good to see people doing there own checking. I do my own checking also and my checking doesn't effect anything more then yours. I also doubt Faucette or Misek from Jeffries does any more then we do.I was lucky enough to get to speak with one of the main verizon reps from my area.I also spoke with retail managers.The main guy was the first day of AT&T launch so there would be no way of knowing Verizon pre orders and they are not supposed to give them to you anyway. All I can say is the conversation was so positive It would probably sound like pumping.The retail managers said there was interest and they were taking pre orders. One manager said he liked his customers to be able to see what they were getting so he really didn't push pre orders unless it was something they already were positive they wanted.Like myself all the verizon people seemed to think bbry was moving in the right direction

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      • Hey Racebill. I am not a "rimtard" pumping as you say. I have NO need to pump this and I am not so naive as to think that anything I say here is going to move the stock. But, as you re-read what YOU posted, and as you know in your heart that what YOU are saying IS really did speak to those people etc.....well, try to just believe that I too, had that experience and I am reporting here. I am not pumping....I am sharing the TRUTH of what I was told. Simple as that. Can't we see through the pumpers and the people who are spouting off ridiculous info. I can assure you that if the Verizon rep the second day told me they had sold 442,345 units in two days, I would have reported to you that number. But, she didn't. SHE said: I million in two days. Now...she may be dillusional, she may be making it up, she may be exaggerating, she may be playing with my mind......OR, she is telling the truth. I do NOT pretend to know the answer. But, once again......please understand.....I am saying EXACTLY what she told me. That's all. And as I have said, the way the conversation went, the way she said it just sounded very unfiltered and real. We'll see.

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