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  • trader_007 trader_007 Mar 27, 2013 11:16 AM Flag

    I'm not playing this into ER

    I have too much at stake to take this risk, it could go down 20% or more if one of the numbers is outta wack.

    I'm concerned about the sub base, last Q they lost 1M in this Q i think many were wiating to upgare to the Z10, so sales could have been slower, and I doubt BB sold a lot more then 1M in Feb, so I think the sub base will likely be down a bit.

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    • I am a HUGE LONG - and the subscriber number is my only real concern. NOT for fundamental reasons, but for the ammo it will give the media if the subscriber number drops Q over Q by even a few thousand. Not a big deal in the long run, but in the short run...the volitility it could cause will be a drag on the PPS until next quarterly results. IF it is a bad number, hopefully there will be offsets in other areas like - clarity on service model that could send the stock above 20/share. A lot on the line tomorrow, not for the faint of heart. Believe this is a classic turnaround story, so will not be selling any shares unless management misses on all cylinders. We'll know in the morning...

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    • No one is making anyone do anything. It could also go up 20%. Its the risk one takes when investing. The bottom line fact is, you don't lose when sitting on the sideline but you also don't win either if it turns to the up side.

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      • My bet takes todays action and removes any volatility what so ever. I could care less whether it goes up or down 20%. It does not affect my account in the least. The story is for longer than 24 hours hehe. Its like you guys use your cash plus all available margin daily! Hehehe. This exposure readying for the Q10 is wonderful.

        And we ALL know if you have been a soldier this long using the old Blackberry you are undoubtedly going to buy the new Q10 and its going to be a jaw dropping experience like a caveman witnessing a flame for the first time.

    • Wise move. I've got a strangle spread going. Looks to me like BBRY is going to go up and down after ER.

    • good then there is no reason for you to post here ..see ya!

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