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  • pissy_joe65 pissy_joe65 Mar 30, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

    Why due BBRY longs find it necessary to bash AAPL.....

    ....Napoleon Complex????

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    • nickybalboa Mar 31, 2013 7:37 AM Flag

      Apple is milking the customers,can you name one thing they invented without copying? It is disgusting what media and companies can do to a company like bbry,(monopoly)Because of apple no Sprint Z10 for sale. Apple is arrogant(bbry go to all major cities). Steve Jobs was a genious but controlled too much. He decided for instance which chips semiconductor companies must bring on the market for his iphone. Apple is a patent crying baby protected by hedgies. With QNX bbry is the new king. People like underdogs,certainly when they predicted that bbry wouldn't survive. No support for bbry from at&t. Even Verizon(problems with apps now). You think this is normal?After all bbry is the best and will win this war. Qnx will connect the world. Much more important than a iphone,ipod,ipad,...Apple wants bbry so desperately,you have no idea.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Nickybalboa,
        Verizon issue you mentioned. Let me clarify.
        Verizon and Blackberry are addressing the ability for Verizon customers to upgrade their BB10 OS, as we speak. Once the upgrade goes through, likely next week, then Verizon customers will be able to download some OS version dependent apps.
        Teething problem.

        P.S. I'm a bit mystified by AT&T's non promotion action in the very beginning. Is it the Apple influence? Crackberry tried to imply they were just a slow decider and then a slow starter. It will get better in a few weeks. So wait and see.

        I think the report card last week has given a lot of sitting on the fence buyers confidence to buy Z10. The doubt of Blackberry disappearing as touted by the big shorts is non-existence!

    • Because there was a time not long ago that AAPL was stated as the only choice for the future, by many. Without understanding the dynamics of what made them great in the first place. Now it is laughable.

    • Ever think that maybe we just don't like that fruit in the first place?

    • Just warnings of the spiral down to $360. Biggest joke is Samsung @ $1420/sh.

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