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  • ybdc ybdc May 15, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Did they give a reason for the delay of q-10 in usa intro?


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    • I love when BBRY longs essentially tell dopes like Freddy that they aren't important to the company and they will get their phones when Blackberry is good and ready to give it to them.

    • It went something like this. F the US because they hate us anyway ehh.

    • alexkebfb May 15, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

      They barely keeping up with demand in rest of the world, I guess they don't have enough stock.

    • USA is becoming a less important market for BlackBerry, yes they still need the corporate base they have here, that is important to them and has shrunk a little but isn't going away... they are other world markets where they do much better selling to consumers so no reason to rush into the US where the corporate base will by in due time... Hopefully Verizon can give the consumer base in the US a little boost, but as far as consumer BBRY users in the US, I don't expect that to grow but indeed to shrink... however as for the corporate base the device market may shirnk, but I expect that the BB10 server base will likely grow... pay NO attention to the short tards on this board, they are mostly day traders, and yes I'm sure some of them make money daily, but at the current price levels, it will be the true LONGS that will get the great payday...

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    • From what I have been reading I am going to guess that it is due to better than expected sales and sell outs in UK and Canada! If this is the case, then postponing Q10 release into June would put the USA release into the next earnings Quarter - perhaps they have met trheir target for this quarter with just UK and Canada?

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