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  • christiansonbradley christiansonbradley Jun 8, 2013 1:21 AM Flag

    The NSA And PRISM, Where Does BlackBerry Stand?

    Google the title. Why would anyone want to communicate on anything but a blackberry device?

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    • Now everyone pretty much knows he or she should have a Blackberry!

    • Blackberry is the solution for retaining your God given freedom of privacy and security

    • People will eventually understand why they should all choose Blackberry!

    • as quoted;"For a company to not be using BES 10 after all of this PRISM stuff comes out, would be moronic. BES is simply unrivaled by anyone."

    • Googled. Could not find.

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      • allsteel Jun 8, 2013 11:21 PM Flag

        You wont find it if you don't look. It's on every BBRY message board, every Blackberry club talk forum and major news site.

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      • There has been a ton of news over the last day or so about the NSA being all creepy and wiretapping pretty much every American (and non-American, for that matter) living in the U.S. over the past seven years. According to reports, the NSA has accomplished this through a program called PRISM which allegedly lets them tap in to the servers of major Internet companies whenever they want.
        Some of those popular organizations are said to include the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, among others. One of the major companies excluded from this list, however, is none other than BlackBerry.
        Our favorite smartphone maker has a pretty strict policy when it comes to sharing any of your personal data in most areas of the world, it just doesn't. In fact, BlackBerry's regular customer (non-BES) encryption is so good, it's been called too secure for certain countries in the world, like India and the UAE.
        Also, as a Canadian company, U.S. government agencies have no jurisdiction over BlackBerry, and unless BlackBerry hands over the encryption keys willingly (which hasn't and will most likely never happen), our data will stay secure.
        Obviously, this security only extends as far as what BlackBerry can control. For example, if you have Gmail on your device, and the NSA has extracted data from Google, your emails are at risk. That's something that BlackBerry itself has no control over. Same can be said for Facebook, YouTube and other services which extend beyond your smartphone's control.
        So which aspects can BlackBerry protect exclusively from end to end? Well, one of those would be BBM. As the most secure communications tool in modern day, BlackBerry Messenger's data and messages are fully encrypted, and not accessible to the government (unless you live in one of those countries listed above). This fact is something that can definitely give BlackBerry a much needed push into the limelight once again.
        As messed up as it may sound, having a scandal of this magn

      • Copy and paste topic line verbatim.

    • heitmann Jun 8, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

      We need some insight here. BBRY has the most secure system. This is a win win for BBRY as security becomes an ever increasing concern. Individuals and governments have a very secure option whereas the other PDAs are a joke. BBRY bought Certicom which made the most efficient and robust software based on eliptic cryptology using keys. University students once won a $10,000 prize when they were able to break one message after a year of concentrated effort. As for Governments being able to survey emails it is uncertain to the degree at which this is accomplished. Rest assured that governments are only interested in terrorism and the protection of their citizens. They do not care about love lives or other issues. Can one imagine the mountain of data to be poured through?
      I would be interested in opinions on how this may affect the stock price in any way but up.

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    • Obama is a brick, and I must admit that I voted for him to get rid-off the Bushes. America suppose to be the bastion of Freedom, Democracy and Citizen privacy. It's now the Soviet Republic of the United States. Bring Reagan back, please. So many idiots after him. Let freedom ring!

    • Yes this issue is a serious one and trying to say that 10 million phones are tapped do to terroism is ridiculous this fact alone will send our stock up, I sometimes think George W made a costume that looks like Obama, I was hoping for change but I should have known better, it seems like the world is on a path that is irreversible

    • BBRY's media arm should immediately take advantage of this and make a commercial detailing how you are being spied on with apple and Samsung and windows but not with bb10

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