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  • ittsmith ittsmith Jun 13, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    Over Under number for a blow out quarter

    Shorts, what number would you have to concede is a blow out number of units sold? Last quarter you were saying it wasn't even going to be 300k and it far exceeded that.
    I bet it happens again. I think at this point y'all have to have 1 million units as your bottom number for this quarter.....what is your "no way, omg, i'm going to finally have to #$%$, this company is actually turned all the way around" number?
    Whatever you choose, its going to be higher....
    I'm predicting most bears are suggesting that they only do 1-2 million and that the actual number will again double their guesses just like last quarter.
    I'm going to go ahead and make my prediction - 3.8 million. And if they go over 5 then can we have one day of silence from the bears out of respect for how ridiculous they are with lowball guesses of under 1 million.

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    • I don't think there is any number that will make the shorts capitulate. If it is better than expected they will short more citing "first new introduction of product, makes future quarters lag after initial pop in interest then followed by retuning the device, due to lack of app's. BBRY does not have to beat Apple, Samsung or others. They just have to incrementally do better against past qtrs.

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    • consensus is 3-4 million

      bears want under 2 lmao - no way they do under 2 lmao

      i say 4-5 million and will go with 4.7 million

      and shorts are toast with 4.7 million

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