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  • finchfuller finchfuller Sep 2, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    Are buy out of the company only rummors, I am JUST WONDERING.

    Not saying anything.

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    • Yes. In May 2012, Blackberry hired JP Morgan to review the business / finances. A couple weeks ago, a committee was formed by the board to now continue that strategic review process based on the JP Morgan findings. While the media picked up on the sale of all or parts of the business, they skimmed over (or ignored completely) the strategic review looking at partnerships, licensing and business model strategy changes. The media also ignored the fact that this process started over a year ago and they act like this suddenly just happened.

      The company is currently tracking where they said it would. Last quarter was near flat, excluding a $72M unpaid bill from Venzuala and expects to be flat this quarter. Without going into detail, the company is on track doing what they said they would. So, why would they suddenly change course and sell out?

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    • racebill Sep 2, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

      You know the answer or you wouldnt be asking. The rumors and fake run ups are to suck baggies like you in. But if you think bbry is anything other then a scam buy. And after you buy go ahead and bash the bears that tried to warn you. I hope all you baggies that bash us buy you dont move the share price and its fun to laugh at you when we take your money. If there is a rumor driven fake run up next week please pump bbry and bash us that will make this more fun when we get your money

    • Hedge funds love toying with BBRY. A new buyout rumor every month for the last 2 years. Look at the volatility and volume on this. You could make a few hundred million off of each rumor if you're a big hedgefund.

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