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  • jack_about_stocks jack_about_stocks Nov 4, 2013 7:53 PM Flag

    So would a $9 offer from a credible source now be seen as hostile?

    $9 is a fricking joke. If Cerberus came in with $9 now would it be turned away? Cash now exceeds price per share. There will be some debt but there's still other assets (real estate, patents, BBM, oh yes... and the rest of the business!!).

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    • racebill Nov 4, 2013 8:11 PM Flag

      If cerberus or anyone else that looked through those books thought it was worth $9 they would have bought it.
      Like I tried to tell you guys yesterday time is on the buyers side. Do you guys really think you know more about bbry then people who have paid top nptch accountants to go through their books. Did you really believe there would be a bidding war over bbry. These companies were window shopping for the fire sale. They could care less what some seeking alpha srticle wriiten by a bbry long thinks its worth they know what they are willing to pay. This stock went very close to the $6 ive told you guys its going to and after today I might move the target lower. It will greatly suprise me if my fore sale prediction does not also come true

    • " Cash now exceeds price per share."

      Welcome to earth. You should know it is the year 2013. Late, November.
      Since BBRY's own reports indicate burning millions per day, including weekends, the former balance of $2.6B is long gone. The long long list of lawsuits claim many times the eventual liquidation value, and have precedence at a high level, shareholders have zero precedence.

      Prem did get to the very head of the line with that "debtor-in-possesion" grade agreement, so he might snag some ahead of the lawyers.

      Shareholders will get nothing at the end. Same as the $10B Nortel raised against debt which was a tiny fraction of that $10B. Haven't you danced this jig before? At least heard of it?

    • Cash value per share exceeds current PPS with additional billion $. That is a joke. Cash value greater than street value. Just by having BBRY hold on to the cash, it's value is lost in the emotional negative hype.

    • The stock is now below $6.50, so, yes, $9 is a joke.

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