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  • mikestarfish mikestarfish Dec 3, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

    Use Your Brains People this Is DEAD MONEY!! BB is NOT COOL!!!!

    The simplest logic for blackberry is this................ Is it COOL to own a Blackberry? When is the last time someone pulled out their Blackberry and said "LOOK AT THIS COOL PHONE?"..... the answer is not in the last 5 years. They are SOOOO far behind Apple and Samsung it's really beyond imagination as they were the market leader once upon a time. Redesigns will not fix the issue now as Apple and Samsung are pumping so much money into R&D that their 6 month upgrade cycles are now making BB phones more archaic with each passing minute. They tried to sell the company and no one wants to buy them because they all know that without a 10 Billion dollar war chest for R&D and extensive redesign of the software, phones, apps, etc going forward they are dead money. You also have to remember that the current generation of users that are now 10 years old and up are now growing up using Apple and Samsung insignitated products so the brand power and recognition will only grow stronger as this generation grows up......NO ONE WANTS A BLACKBERRY AND IT ISN'T COOL -- this is what you need to fix. Image is everything in technology and the BB has loss the image battle which makes it dead money!!!!

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    • Where are the BB Bulls..... this is sound logic which is why the down side has still 50% to run......under $5 by years end as tax loss selling pushes this down even further. A company that use to have 10 Billion in the bank is now taking out loans after taking 3 years to launch BB10 is not where you want to be!! More losses and writedowns to come!!!!

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