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  • urbox2 urbox2 Aug 17, 1999 7:52 AM Flag

    computr8 in cheerleading skirt

    No fella,

    I've just made a bagfull of
    money on RIM over the last year.

    How does a
    five-bagger plus suit you.

    So.. shut your yap ot show
    some decorum when talking to those who have been here
    in this stock longer than you and don't have to
    cheerlead it up.

    Me... I want it to go back down
    again so I can buy more when late buyers like you are
    shaken out by a little edginess. I have done it before
    and will again. But... I don't short stocks. I just
    pick up hastily discarded jewels.

    Hope this
    makes you happy.

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    • I checked your past several posts.

      If you
      really have been in this one as long as I have (C$8),
      then you should know better about how RIM behaves.
      After being in and out of it as much (it is a wonderful
      trading stock), and as generally supportive of its
      products and business model, I am still here. It will go
      up, but my question is how, on what news of new
      products and when will the announcements happen. If I was
      management I wouldn't waste any on the summer. The article was a nice pop yesterday but nothing new
      at all.

      Also... don't float by rumours that
      any one who has been following this stock has already
      heard. It just whips up a silly speculative frenzy of
      useless discussion.

      As I asked before...facts
      please, or at least substantiated speculation, and I
      stress substantiated.

      And... actually when you
      count the top trimming, my RIM five bagger over the
      last year is more like a seven. I like


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      • Dear Urbox2,
        I don't care if you are long or
        short nor how much money you have made, I am just
        concerned in how you express yourself that's all. You sound
        like a first class retard and I thought you might want
        to get some professional counselling. Or you may
        want to try mixing Prozac with Prednisone and washing
        it down a tall cool glass of Classic Coke - that
        should keep you from sounding like your head is in the
        I await your muddled

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