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  • digitalmarket digitalmarket Aug 27, 1999 1:55 PM Flag

    RIMM is a "BUY" still lawsuit or not.

    RIM Maintained `Strong Buy' at Scotia Capital

    Toronto, Aug. 26 9:36 (Bloomberg
    Data) -- Research In Motion (RIM CN) was maintained
    ``strong buy'' by analyst Michael Urlocker at Scotia
    Capital Markets. The 12-month target price is C$50.00 per


    Research In Motion Reiterated `Focus Buy' at Griffiths

    Toronto, Aug. 26 10:17 (Bloomberg
    Data) -- Research In Motion (RIM CN) was reiterated
    ``focus buy'' by analyst Howard Lis at Griffiths McBurney
    & Partners. The new target price is C$60.00.


    Canadian Equity Movers: Bid.Com, Datamirror, Methanex,

    Toronto, Aug. 26 12:32 (Bloomberg) -
    Canadian stocks fell as investors fretted that the 6.4
    percent advance by Toronto's benchmark index in the last
    11 days overshot the outlook for profits. Gold
    producers rose with the price of bullion.

    Toronto Stock Exchange 300 Composite Index fell 29.13, or
    0.40 percent, to 7193.50.

    The following stocks
    are making significant gains or losses in Canadian
    markets. Symbols are given in parentheses after company

    Inflows and outflows represent the difference between the
    value of trades made at a higher price than the
    previous trade and those made at a lower

    Such money flows show whether people are willing to
    pay more for a stock that's rising, or to sell a
    stock that's falling for less. If they aren't, it's a
    signal that the share price may soon.

    Research In
    Motion Ltd. (RIM CT) fell C$1.05, or 2.4 percent, to
    C$42.50 and traded as low as C$40.55. A complaint has
    been filed in a U.S. court against the Waterloo,
    Ontario-based maker of interactive pagers and wireless
    communications alleging that the marketing of some of its
    products infringe on a patent held by another


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    • I first notcied this company in the Toronto
      newspapers on a recent business trip to Canada. It looks
      awfully good -- and the Barron's article will help a lot.
      I do NOT currently own the stock. I feel it will
      still pull back a bit. I will likely buy it in a few
      days. I think it will be too richly priced on Tuesday
      and, in any event, NEVER buy a Barron-rated stock in
      the first hour of trading -- it usually goes down a
      bit after that.

    • The article in Barron's is an interview with the
      #1 international manager YTD and for 12 months. Here
      is the excerpt from the interview pertaining to
      RIMM: This should make the stock fly!

      Anything else in Canada?
      A: Research In Motion, which
      trades here under the ticker symbol RIMM, has been one
      of our best-performing stocks over the past 12
      months. Since we bought it in 1997, it's been a
      proverbial 10-bagger. It recently was C$44.50. We see
      earnings of 80 cents Canadian in the year to February
      2000, against 35 cents in fiscal 1999. Our target is

      RIMM makes a two-way pager with a small keyboard. The
      device fits into your shirt pocket and can access both
      e-mail and the Internet. Fidelity Management & Research
      cumulatively owns 10% of the company in several portfolios,
      and features its advanced wireless product in one of
      its ads.

      Among the company's U.S. customers
      are Bell South's wireless data network and American
      Mobile Satellite. They're talking to Internet service
      providers, and are said to be Michael Dell's favorite

      Q: Meaning?
      A: We think he'd like to slap the
      Dell Computer name on RIMM's advanced pagers and
      ultimately incorporate them in a small remote computer
      that's hooked into a network.

    • will it be big enough to justify $2B in current
      market cap?
      will it be big enough to drive sales
      beyond the 73c/shr
      vs the share price of

      i've known about RIMM for less than one hour and i'm
      not impressed. after visiting the RIM web site, i
      seen anything i haven't seen before, wireless modem,
      reseller agreements, two-way pda/pager integration. what
      the world has everybody so excited? does anyone here
      think that ardis, mobitex or any proprietary radio
      network could
      possibly be anything other than a
      footnote to history once
      3rd gen wireless voice/data
      stds are in place? are X million
      palm owners
      looking for wireless svc really going to switch
      blackberry? if yes, any chance COMS won't reduce palm
      prices? btw, how many posters here have tried the device
      and will pay the $39 every month (of own money) to
      keep it?
      how many actually returned it under rim's
      money back guarantee.


    • could help getting RIMM past its 30 - 31 trading
      range over the past 2 weeks. In an interview with
      Howard Sharon of Warburg Pincus, he picks RIMM as his
      top Canadian pick for the next 12 - 18 months with a
      target of $C 65.

      A happy and safe long holiday
      weekend to all, WLM

    • Above the 5 day moving ave, New High, ascending
      triangle, coming into a week with billions of $$$ waiting
      to jump on the wagon, NOT to mention a fundementally
      GOOD stock, i sure wouldnt want to try to stop this
      train!!!! For the ones who are LONG congratulations!!!!!
      for the ones who are not, cant say im sorry theres
      been plenty of SIGNS. have a good weekend CMTN

    • RIMM will release a new product that will blow
      the doors off of its competiton. COMS is shaking in
      its boots........ They may need to be bought by LU in
      order to fight off this one!!

      Product release
      will be Jan 00...Keep your eyes and ears open for

      This will be BIGGGGGGGG!!

    • MTSKEL:
      "It is interesting that you have a 12
      mnth chart on NASDAQ but there is only data since
      March 99 ?

      There is no graph before

      The 12 month chart is for RIM on the Toronto Stock

      RIM:TSE is for 12 months, and since you seem to want an
      even longer term of a chart here it is dating back to

      RIMM didn't start to trade on the NASDAQ until
      February 4th, 1999
      thus the chart is from the day it
      started to trade. Can't pull numbers from where there
      arn't any.

      Just how long have you been
      interested in RIM?

      Why do you always question me
      regarding information that I post, do you own any shares at
      all, or are you shorting? Just ask the last batch of
      shorters what happened to them. This is one stock that
      swings wildly and I wouldn't dare short it.


      "Some key words with Caps ...and some

      AND stop reading something that isn't there with
      regards to my posts, capitals or no capitals.

      Oh I
      just figured it out, you have to go back to school
      next Tuesday, don't you. You're just a kid, right?


    • It is interesting that you have a 12 mnth chart on NASDAQ but there is only data since March 99 ?

      There is no graph before listing .

    • Unless you are investing short term. With the
      market being so unstable today, these price variences
      are not because of company performance. The charts
      provided shows both RIMM:NASDAQ and RIM:TSE are above that
      10 day moving average line. Thanks though for your
      post, looks like you and rat both work on the charting.
      Let's see what happens after Sept



      If I could have I would have also placed the 200 day
      moving average, but I am limited to 3 values in this

      It is my belief that you also need to keep an eye on
      the way RIM is trading through the TSE, on this one
      it is relevent.


    • the 10 day moving average line....probably means a short period of consolidation before moving short?? no one knows...

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