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  • nsusk nsusk Jan 7, 2000 11:35 AM Flag

    Glenayre and Infowave vs. RIMM

    Can anyone tell me the technical differences between the Blackberry and GEMS competing product?

    Is GEMS a realistic competitor for RIMM?

    I'd appreciate any input...

    Thanks. I

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    • Thanks xmbe. Actually, I have made my investment
      in the U.S. So the 100 stands for USD (remember that
      RIM has changed their reporting currency to
      However, I am also awaiting the day I will change my

      Am also waiting for the day RIM comes to


    • Xmbe;

      In Xchate words I�m ROTFLMAO!!

      Yea sure I�m going to sell a company that has made me
      enough money to buy a few Ferraris and will rival
      Motorola in a few years�for one that�s just around the
      corner from bankruptcy! LOL

      BTW billsaccount nice
      summary�I would hope that people would look at your
      analysis and ignore people like muddyboots, but sometime
      it makes me wonder!!

    • and I think well see 100C soon. After that you can change your name to rimm_at_100US.


    • I'm pretty sure ajp was being fesecious (? excuse
      my spelling). Am I right ajp4to? After all, he
      exposed muddyboots as being those other guys too. Would
      have really hurt to have sold Rimm yesterday and
      bought gems. I agree with your assessment of the company
      after looking up some of the research available on gems
      through yahoo. Looks like its going very downhill
      already. It used to make money and is losing large now.
      I'd rather be with the leader that's making huge
      gains in profit than with an also ran thats

      ajp4to lets hear from you. Tell me you actually
      increased your share of RIMM yesterday.

      MB (and
      thats not muddyboots, although the name would fit as I
      am an excavator)

    • Billsaccountant, thanks for this update on packet data networks.

      It is good to see RIMM moving higher in this kind of market environment.


    • for sharing your knowlege.
      enjoy this board


    • a word of advice to anyone looking a GEMS - a
      paging company is a paging company...NONE of their
      present or future products live in PACKET DATA
      NETWORKS!!! it's the airlink stupid!!! internet appliances
      must and will live and thrive in true IP packet
      networks not Flex, ReFlex etc... spectral inefficient and
      insecure, high latency networks such as these are too
      expensive, have to much overhead which results in HUGE
      bills... go to the SkyTel or WebLink (read PageMart) www
      site and order a Moto PageWriter 2000 - the AVERAGE
      first months usage costs are in the hundreds of $$ vs a
      Bell South RIM 950 with flat rate of 99$ or RIMM's own
      BlackBerry service for $39.99 flat rate! I don't think the
      internet appliance space will be won with low cost devices
      and consumption/usage pricing... GEMS is dead - the
      dinasoar just lost site of the killer comet behind the
      clouds for a moment...don't get caught in GEMS hype -
      look for ANYONE that is NOT a paging centric company
      entering or in the internet appliance space like the
      leader RIMM - validate the technology against this
      simple template...

      Is the solution packet data
      Is it 3G ready or is the company building toward 3G
      Is the software environment OPEN - non proprietary
      like RIMM/MOTO's move to Java
      Quality - do they
      build them or have them built offshore? The quality
      benchmarks are high unlike the paging space so yeilds at
      manufacturing need to be as high as any in the PC world (Dell,
      HP, Compaq)
      Is the service flat rate?

      if a
      candidate company or solution makes that grade they are
      worth a look..

      my two cents.

    • it's scary just how sorry you will be - can I come back and rub it in? Your lack of knowledge just cost you huge.

    • Have you not been paying attention GEMS is the
      formidable competitor, I would advice you listen to
      Muddyboots and buy GEMS, NOW!!
      After all by your own
      words GEMS is the Ferrari of pagers, why waste your
      time with RIM!!

    • As GEMS got a lot of coverage lately on this
      message board, I just had a look at the description of
      Two-way paging, Microsoft Outlook, Ferrari of pagers...
      Please do not get me wrong, but I had thought that RIMM
      was in a unique position, and I am just not sure
      anymore. Still long RIMM.


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