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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Mar 2, 2000 4:26 PM Flag

    Why RIMM will win this race......

    RIMM will win for the following

    1. They dominate the enterprise market. Just like
    DELL vs. GTW. DELL went to the enterprise market and
    dominated there. GTW went to the public and the rest is
    history. The lead that RIMM has is too great for Palm. We
    don't see companies buy 2000 - 2500 Palms and handing
    them out to their employees. Do you guys really
    understand how big that is?

    2. Not only do they have
    market dominance, but they have a better product with
    higher margins.

    3. They have ties to some of the
    best of the best in the world today and have an
    outstanding management team that knows how to get things
    done. Unlike the losers at 3Com who have lived a life
    of mediocrity for the last 5-6 years.

    4. Lets
    not forget the other products offered by these
    companies. RIMM has state of the art wireless products that
    now NT has put their stamp of approval on, while 3Com
    is still languishing in the shadows of

    5. The server network and monthly service charges
    that RIMM gets is gravy that 3Com can only dream about
    but never have.

    These are just a few of the
    reasons why I believe the writing is already on the wall
    in this race. Stay with the winner. If you buy some
    palm, it will probably still do pretty good, but it
    will never be RIMM.


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    • Great Post sunwyboy, very well though out and to
      the point.

      That gravy portion should bring in
      more than even RIM projected... I can wait for FYE'00
      but I'd like to see it earlier than late April (last
      year's date of their FYE 1999) if we do happen to get
      them earlier it could be a very nice indication of a
      greater than expected earnings.... along with some
      announcements that will be written in stone, not just forcasts
      of what might happen. IMO


    • agreed my friend. i watch and laugh as people
      literally THROW AWAY their palm pilot the second they
      acquire a Blackberry.

      my company just got 20
      delivered yesterday. that's 20 more addicts today.

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