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  • lone_plunger lone_plunger Sep 28, 2002 7:12 AM Flag

    Opinion or Royal Gold wanted

    As a longstanding long (4.1 is my entry average) I am considering adding other gold miners to limit my risk.

    How does RGLD sound to experts frequenting this bar?


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    • a_little_birdie_is_telling_you a_little_birdie_is_telling_you Sep 30, 2002 3:38 PM Flag

      >>Graucho, how much did you pay your daddy for that post?<<

      Now now lil� Rambo, no need to be jealous just because Groucho has a father.
      (and one that knows how to spell too.)
      We can�t all be trailer trash such as yourself.

      Good post Sammy!


    • IMHO think most here wish to help..think it is one of the best boards Yahoo has...the more volatile GFI becomes (and more popular among traders) the more bashers we have so think those that have been here a while are would say again might be helpful to either address another poster in header or ask specific question in header..if not answered would ask again :--)...glad to have you here and wish you great success in this investment...regards, groucho

    • Good advice from you both...will heed...except the part about giving up ice cream :--) regards, groucho

    • I agree. Think secret to changing to veggie burgers and other soy alternatives is to not expect the same flavor as beef, but to just enjoy them for what they are. Have found major improvements in taste and texture in past few years.

    • I asked the same question a couple of months ago. Hope you get a better response than I did. I am also long on GFI, got in when it was in the low 9's. I also held RGLD, but to my understanding its not a mining co. but deals in gold royalties. It was one of the top picks on Motly Fool when it was in the 7's.

      • 2 Replies to suzu2u
      • Cheers suyu2u, please read my reply to groucho. I may diversify a bit out of GFI soon just for the hell of it.

        good luck,

      • >>I asked the same question a couple of months ago. Hope you get a better response than I did.<<
        No kidding huh?

        This board seems like a big click real heavy gold bugs that just tend to keep to themselves.
        Post anything remotely off beat, , off color or off topic and "CLICK" you're ignored and the funny thing about that is they don't tell you why and what the nature of the offense was to warrant their use of yahoo�s ignore feature.
        I think they have a weekly email that goes out to all click members updating the current GFI ignore list. :-)

        I've been talking to myself here for months,
        mostly just reading what are for the most part, real good posts of articles, fact, theory and opinions of gold.
        Welcome to the black hole of gold mining boards.

        Once again good luck in your quest for answers here.
        Stay in Groucho�s good graces and you may get a reply or two.

        BTW I�m long GG, GFI, and HGMCY

        Best to all (That see this post anyway)


    • Greetings lone plunger..have watched this one too...have attached link to 10k for review...on the positive they are doing very well and have spread risk that might give pause are PDG & AU along with CDE, NEM and subsidiaries and lesser known intl miners...the only real negative would be IMHO that they affirm they are "passive" participants..they collect royalties but can't control the companies they partner with to necessarily perform in RGLD best interest...obviously they could pull out of an unprofitable operation but if hands on mgmt. is desirable then this isn't the you am mulling over...similar co. might be GG to look at as is link...regards, groucho

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