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  • TheZooCrew TheZooCrew Nov 15, 2002 9:20 AM Flag

    need a good chuckle ?

    groucho i am having difficulties with determining which company to buy gold from....any opinions .....thank you

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    • Good morning...have to first determine if wish to own coins, bullion or jewelry...think coins are preferred as they 1)have their own intrinsic collectible value beyond oz. weight but bullion is cheaper as it isn't even 24 carat is least desirable as gold holding but might be the only holding the wife will agree to heh heh...Tulving is IMHO an internet source...would also visit coin shops in area...can go through the US mint as well...coin popularity varies...Kruggerands, Eagles, Maples etc...depending on year and somewhat subjective...personally like St. Gaudins...can also own gold certificates but think that is riskier in that it is still paper over the real deal but if one cannot store their bullion may be a necessity...Perth is one source for that option...there are also "rounds" which are gold pieces miners sell direct that have their mark on them and can also be collectible...till sure of direction would wade in with either a popular gold coin or small bullion ingots...hope that helps...regards, groucho

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