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  • american_chariot american_chariot Jul 11, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    The Fed, Gold and Interest Rates...

    In my mind, I'm having trouble understanding why, "gold seems to only rally and react positively to Fed comments about keeping interest rates low indefinitely and the economic need for such", b/c obviously this policy can't be sustained forever; Eventually the piper will be paid, and that will be rising interest rates. The danger for all the world's money-printing is high inflation, even a hyper inflation. It seems cyclical, and given how we've had record low interest rates for so long, logic would follow that we'd swing to the opp osite end of the spectrum eventually; And that would be high, very-high interest rates, where the fiat currencies hold much less value, thus giving this finite precious metal some real value.

    So, the question is, at what point in the equation does gold stand-on-its-own, as a store-house of value from rising interest rates, and not just b/c the Fed says it will keep printing? Right now, it only reacts positively if the Fed speaks about an accommodative policy....but at some point, it must react favorably to the fact that the Fed won't print any more, and high inflation will seep-in. Is the problem that we don't have meaningful inflation now, even though the Fed is printing and buying? A bit confused and would appreciate commentary from more informed perspectives!


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