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  • american_chariot american_chariot Oct 2, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    This is why I'm long this stock...

    From Forbe's article out today: "Gold Fields has a market cap of $3.28 billion. Its shares are currently trading at around $4.44 with a P/E ratio of 5.00 "

    P/E ratio of 5! Outstanding really, and amazing it can get this low. I've been sour and sarcastic, with $2.50 pt's, but come-on, a p/e of 5!!!! Get real...

    Forbes further states..."The analysis on Gold Fields reports that the company’s operating margin is expanding, its price is at a 10-year low, its P/B ratio is at a 3-year low and its P/S ratio is at a10-year low.

    The Peter Lynch Chart suggests that the company is currently undervalued"---yet, dribble-dribble, drip-drip!

    Un-real. And you can tell the shorts are having their way with this industry. Yesterday we get taken to the woodshed on -$38-dollar gold, yet today, up +$31 or 2.4% and GFI is still down!

    I tell you, there's so much corruption in the Market's, the more I witness, the more I only want to play with small amounts of gambling money! Who can take the Market's seriously, with all the B/S spouted; Take for instance yesterday's reasoning for gold's flogging:..."the government shut-down forced a sell-the-news bear raid". More probably, the big seller liquidating his position had more to do with it. Gold seems to trade for no reason or rhyme, and people will justify its up/down for any old reason---all gibberish and poppy#$%$ in the mouth, imo!

    Still, i don't think people realize what the Fed's QE Experiment will lead. IMO, soaring, disastrous interest rate climb, and super-duper inflation. Heck, I went to buy a big oatmeal at Kroger's yesterday, their "value-brand" and they wanted $4-dollars! $4-dollars for off-brand oats! My God, and that's supposedly with no inflation! That's why I'm long gold, b/c if oats are already costing $4 dollars, then what will they cost when we REALLY get inflation!

    PS: This GFI pps is pure hood-winking! I almost think this is orchestrated by and for big hedge funds to make a lot of money going forward

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