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  • american_chariot american_chariot Nov 20, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    Condensed Thoughts...

    Lost my last well-thought-out message, so this will be condensed (head-ache factor trying to recreate)

    1) Very good "relative industry results". Some profit instead of millions, billions in loss!

    2) Restructuring well under way, while other major players are still in initial stages...

    3) Over-all industry in severe slump, and shorters/detractors still control the stock price, imo

    4) Investing Advice: Wait unit the "games are over" ,and this will be evidenced by big-volume up days and a sunnier forecast industry-wide. They can take this issue lower, even though, with today's results, this should be up $1 minimum, imo, as they've proven their early efforts at restructuring and are poised for better results as the industry recovers.

    5) Look at those Jan 15, 2015 $7-calls, as they get cheaper-and-cheaper-and-cheaper!

    All imo, and my track record is less than good luck with every one's personal decisions here!

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    • American,
      I hit new yearly low premarket. Not a good sign. I have been watching to get back into GFI but I am spooky about it. It looks, as you say, hide and watch for a while, perhaps for a long while. Good luck to all!
      Keep your powder dry!

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to jdrmonte
      • Really depressing, and as you say, "hide a watch for a while"; Yet, I haven't seen any legitimate "reasoning" why it is under such intense pressure? What's the rationale when they actually made a little profit versus the other miners losing billions? Weird and manipulative, but that's the "scam of this game, called the stock-market"; As I see more-and-more-and-more of an un-basis in reality, it makes me want to stay further-and-further away! I detest scams, and if someone can tell me "with authority" why it makes one iota of sense for GFI to be punished for yesterday's release, I'll rest more content; Otherwise, I'll give this issue scant attention, and seek to get my cost-basis back, at some time in the near future, one some kind of "bounce" and be done with this Scam-o called "Wall-Street"!

        GLTUA! eom!


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