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  • markcusw markcusw Mar 13, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    Quit picking on Ghart

    I was in this stock pre opening of the books. I was way in over my head...did not even know it was an ADR until I came to this board. I was lucky enough to average down before the books opened and added more shares. I was also lucky enough to buy back in after split and re coup some losses.

    Ghart has been spot on with IRE.

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    • Mark I appreciate your kind words. I continue to be amazed at the posts from the great unwashed. While it may seem I have a slew of critics it is my belief there are perhaps one or two very sick and sad people posting here with criticism aimed at me using a number of screen names. When you see what they post the grammatical and spelling errors are the same, comprehension does not exist and the only message they have is a negative senseless jab. They never have anything pertaining to the subject matter of the board. There is one screen name here that when you pull up their post history every post is directed at me, they have never posted to any other poster! I guess I should be honored but I truly feel for this mental basket case. They should seek medical attention! My ignore list is very long!

    • Brilliant composition, opened with doubts about your financial knowledge, and concluded with proof that you have none.

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      • i think this guy is taking things too seriously. this is a msg board not a english101, nobody should give a darn to double check their spelling and grammatical errors. the only reason why most people here including myself (started recently)are picking on ghart becuz he has been dishonest to this board, usually he said one thing(bashing ire fundamentals)and do the opposite(bought at the low and sold for profits at least thats what he claimed). seriously as an investor, if i disliked the fundamentals of a company, there is noway in hell i would be buying its shares unless from a short side, but this guy is a JOKER or a LIAR

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