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  • bzpmpatel bzpmpatel Dec 5, 2008 5:36 PM Flag


    They have problem in Congo, because of unrest there. All staff has been mooved out from that country. What is the lease amount they have paid in millions of Dollars for mines. In last quarter's report they have mentioned that they are going to consruct a factory in Congo to refine Cobalt and that may cost around $ 2 millions. How much investment they have made so far? All Congo's investment is very risky for the company.
    They are forced to change their product line, because they are unable to procure Cobalt from congo. This is really a bad news. Some big investor knows this well in advancem and that is why he is dumping.

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    • as an update Toshiba has just announced a large investment in battery technology for autos etc in China area hopefully CSGH will be a part of their plans

    • Thank's

    • Doesn't matter since that post has to do
      with your real existence not the quality
      of your thinking.

    • I'm having a hard time with your post because I'm dancing to the my air guitar..

    • So, how many fake peopleon this board then?

    • deberg;i read your post and i agree except one very important item-they can obtain cobalt elsewhere in the spot market which i am sure they are doing jit, china has (i beleive 2nd most behind chile-sqm). so they will continue producing cobalt oxide products. due to safety issues(thermal runaway in larger apps) they are diversifing to next generations of anodes; one being iron phosphate being used by a123 and valance. not sure of companies sourcing iron phos design in the finished bateries in china. also, there is lithium titanium oxide anode being used by enerdel and lg chem. other huge companies in asia region are nec, toshiba,panasonic/sanyo(merger),gs yuasa, and matsushita(toyota). also bosch and samsung have a joint venture. i am not knowledgable of all the designs being put forth by the conglomerates as there are many competing technolgies with literally billions of research and development and production lines being invested in. there are many partnerships formed and outright investments by major auto companies to lock up production capacity as this grows. BUT IF CSGH gets a small peice of this action one way or another in large batt app for e-car it will be HUGE. that is my hope and why im staying long. i do not see the news as negative, in fact if they get out of congo and stay out and end there agreement i would be happy. no need for the risk. almost like greed that could come back and bite. if cobalt prices escalate they will be able to pass the price on no problem as all the competiton will be in same situation. i read it as update of operation and the changes are past anyways and next qtr report will reveal if top line impacted. an analyist at forbes forcasts .06/share so if he is right we are sitting just fine with growth and pe of 2!

    • You should TRY READING the PR

      All staff has been mooved out from that country.
      May 2008. For safety reasons, "most of staff" of the Congo's foreign enterprises, including DLX employees, has had to temporarily leave the country.
      They still have people there

      What is the lease amount they have paid in millions of Dollars for mines?
      They pay for the Min from the Cobalt that is mined each month 80% for the Co, 20% for the Min. That way if the Min dose not produce CSGH dose not pay The only thing that needs real money for is the processing plant witch is around 2 Mill.

      All Congo's investment is very risky for the company
      Most of the people that are invested in CSGH are here because they make Lithium for the Batteries.
      The Min is only the icing on the cake.

      They are forced to change their product line, because they are unable to procure Cobalt from Congo.

      today announced that after two years of research and development, DLX has successfully developed a new product, lithium iron phosphate, which is to be used as an anode material for the production of the next generation of lithium ion (li-ion) batteries
      Currently, DLX is procuring and preparing the production equipment of Lithium Iron Phosphate, and plans to set up two new production lines with capacities of 500 tons per year to produce it. DLX plans to introduce lithium iron phosphate to the global electric automobile market at end of March 2009

      This is really a bad news. Some big investor knows this well in advancem and that is why he is dumping.

      Maybe ?

    • First no one said that this Congo thing will
      be abandoned.Second,up to their most recent
      filing,they do not appear to have paid any
      major amount yet.

      "They are forced to change their product line, because
      they are unable to procure Cobalt from Congo"

      The development of better and more marketable
      and profitable products is something we welcome
      no matter what was the reason behind it.
      But still I don't see a sign for what you
      say.And the mere fact of operating on just in
      time manner suggest some control on obtaining
      their raw materials.That is maybe one of the
      reasons why they put more emphasis on it in
      their most recent result PR and 10Q which I
      felt at the time to be more purely antagonistic
      to something I wrote.

      In addition,as it appears from what came in
      their "Operational Strategy" PR it seems they
      looked at the same thing causing difficulty
      at the macroeconomic level to be the cause
      for potential help in obtaining their needed
      cobalt which rendered the Congo thing to be
      even less urgent.

    • Really go SHORT this one,Be (THE) MAN!!

      • 1 Reply to dbergh1
      • There is nothing left in this stock to short at this price. The only point that make nervous to the investor is the poor management team. The product they are manufacturing is the most demandable in the world. Why they are not delivering encouraging news to boost up the stock price. American companies are very open to the investor and they provide information to their investors. If this poor management has no such guts, they should higher some smart P.R.O. in US and they should deliver some news about the real progress regularly, so investor can build up some confidence in the company. At the current production level and the profit they make, is not hard for them to spend some fund for this purpose. In present business scenario, “ What you working is important, but what you represent is very important.” Why they are not replying to investors?
        O.K. by the news delivered by them, we have at least some confidence that they are working some where in China. They have many subsidiaries, and their addresses are same as CSGH has. What business these subsidiaries’ are doing? All have same address and some are doing same business. How they are dividing expenses. As per web site they are having some interest in Hotels and real estate also. What they are doing at the same address. How many staff are working for CSGH at the same office and who is looking for other business from the same address? It is very confusing what they are really doing? It is very suspicious business activity , multi business activity. Whether CSGH is getting something from other activities carried out from it’s offices?
        This company is really a mysterious.

    • What's the matter bzpm? Did you go short at exactly the wrong time?

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