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  • callmevincentplease callmevincentplease Jun 16, 2009 2:15 PM Flag

    some volume at 0.7

    We are back to square one: waiting for the news which may never come.

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    • DSX has the lowest cost among the dry shippers. I predict that many dry shippers will go under, DSX will probably prosper. It's highly speculative. I don't have large positions in there, certainly much less than my CSGH position. CAL has the newest fleet, so they will benefit from the low fuel consumption.
      I hate to say that CSGH still has the PR issue, they haven't updated their websites since March.

    • news about electrical cars,
      JMO China is going to go electric.
      If news dosen't come and move this stock earnings will.
      Why do you like DSX

    • I have a few short ETF, they did well two days ago. I started to buy some beaten down stocks like CAL, DSX. The VIX is down, so I feel comfortable buying risky stocks. CSGH is still a play. There are so many news about electrical cars, we may get some attention.

    • I was thinkind the same thing.
      Earnings time should bring us up over $1.00 or so. Maybe not on that day
      but some time after.
      Because some times a stick will have good earnings and it will
      take a little time for the stock to move.

      So what are you trading?
      Me I’m not in any thing right now.
      Going to pick up some PWRD after the news wares off loking at next week.
      Went out of town about 3 weeks ago and sold every thing then.
      FDO looks good.

    • The volume dries up, and there is no clear conviction on either side. Maybe anothe month of sideway until earnings?

    • .75 today?

    • I don't believe they put that much money into the real economy yet.
      They gave a ton of money to the banks though and the banks are real tight on lending.
      As far as the market I feel that we are in a trading range
      until Q3 earnings start coming out.
      I feel we are on are way up as a market not like be for but never the less we are going to go up.
      Look at like this we couldn’t go down any further be cause there was really no where else to go but to Zero
      and who would be able to make money then.
      So now we have to go up so there is something to short again
      befor it gose to Zero.
      The market has to make money.

    • I really thought that the 40% rise in the market from the March lows was reflation and some speculation due to the virtual doubling of the money supply. Thats why I was surprised when inflation numbers were lower than expected today. This makes me nervous about the market in general. Others might think of lower inflation as good news however the way I look at is the market should be inflation adjusted and if inflation wasn't pushing the market up since march then it is probably overbought with speculators. However I do think that companies like csgh will break away from the overall market and trade on their own because it is unique to that its in a sector that is revelutionary to a new growing segment of the economy. Seems like even when the market sells off, csgh will stay put. I believe the last large sell off was large in part of the selling of the remaining warrants from the DLX aqusition.

    • Guys, when they complete the testing, they should let us know. It's not nice to just tell us the testing started, and continued with no final resolution. I don't care if it passed or failed. we just need some certainty.

      On the other hand, the market needs to pull back quite a bit. I don't even know if we will revisit the March low or something even lower. I don't think the economy is sound.

    • Hay Vince you surprise me did you think something else would happen?.
      We needed a pull back anyway get all the week hands out we should hold.
      A nice move to $1.00 $1.10 then a small sell off would be nice.
      Then the BIG one hits. And I don't mean Flatulence

      And if not earnings will be good anyway.

      Arn't they due in July ??

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