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China Sun Group High-Tech Co. Message Board

  • GOOD_FRIEND_23 GOOD_FRIEND_23 Apr 27, 2012 5:05 PM Flag


    Do you really think this is a legit company? Since the day I bought, it has only gone down..

    If it hits 10c. I may double my position to take the avg down.. But that will be my speculative money I know I can afford to lose.

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    • Institutions are leaving the Chinese stocks due to the accounting problems. It takes a lot of retail investors to make up for their selling. Their leaving and going to the American markets because that's where the action is, they need to show returns for their clients.
      I'm not telling you what to do I will tell you what I'm doing. I'm buying. I bought @ .20 I am now waiting for .15 if it gets there I will buy more.
      Yes this is a real Co.

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      • Let me add the Chinese government has been raising interest rates for 3 years. This is what I believe most folks are over looking. Just as in America when the FED raises interest rates the market declines because money tightens up. Money is very tight in China so money goes where its treated best. Soon China will start the lowering of rates money is already loosening up at the banks.
        Folks this is how you buy low to sell high. It takes courage. Sooner then later the FED will have to raise rates this will happen while China is lowering theirs.