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  • billberggren billberggren Jul 27, 2000 7:11 PM Flag

    Excellent Job Management

    All those other suckers, keep selling! The more
    you sell the more TSRI can get a good deal on price.
    Earnings up!!!! 0.24 I am now waiting for a good time to
    buy a lot more. Congraduations management for the
    repurchases. Keep doing it aggressively, don't listen to the
    naysayers. Earnings growth is earnings growth, luckily the
    price is low.

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    • Net income DOWN 9% over last year. Again I say
      that without the stock buyback we would of had a bad
      report. What will they do to rise net income next time?
      How many shares will they buy back to make it look
      good? Due your own DD.

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      • I am in the private equity business and we have
        several companies in the space in our portfolio. They
        have all suffered from this Y2K slowdown. TSRI appears
        to have digested all of the Y2K business loss and
        future quarters will show some growth and least won't be
        negatively effected by the Y2K business. I think another
        round of buybacks would really move the stock at this
        point since the coming quarters will be much easier
        that the last few.

        All of the IT services
        businesses are improving and a rising tide floats all boats.

        Focus on free cash flow (this company generates a ton)
        and think of the possibilities. This little company
        is too thin for the day traders (are more
        politically correct active traders), however, it is great
        long term hold for the few investors would still have
        a calculator and understand cash flow, price to
        earnings ratios and appreciate crystal clean balance
        sheets. Buy this stock and put it in a drawer.

        For the record I am long on TRSI and have been a
        shareholder for awhile.

        Good luck to everyone. As
        some of these "bull market investors" sell large
        blocks take advantage of thier ignorance and short
        attention spans to snatch up a good deal.

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