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  • humcapital humcapital Oct 3, 2007 6:31 AM Flag

    What's the current story here on revenue growth and expense control?

    What's happened since Baker left? A new strategy was announced, but are they following through? Somebody please post what's happening with new business growth/shrinkage and expense controls/staff reductions/office closings. The third quarter is over. What's the prediction?

    Also, I thought they were close to hiring a new CEO. Anyone know what's going on in that effort?

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    • I would concur! Once ANLY shows some top line growth with marginal profitability, then mgt will be able to negociate a deal over $3.00.

    • 8-K filed showing modest severence packages established for top executives implies that they might be having some discussions with outside parties and execs are getting a little nervous; given valuation at about 1/15 of sales, I have to believe that a tightly-run body shop could buy them at $3.00 and make out like bandits!!

    • CTGX had good 3rd Q #'s and guidance for the 4th Q-they are also optimistic for 2008. At a minimun it suggest a positive industry backdrop for ANLY. I think ANLY will guide to profitability for the 4th Q. If that should come to pass, the stock aught to be worth $2.25.

    • As we all know, the $ has been weak all year. It may benefit ANLY in 2008 because the Rupee hit a 9.5 year high against the $ this week and it up 10% YTD. Much IT work has gone to India, some has started to come back. It is early yet and not much of a trend, but if the Rupee should continue to advance, then a meaningful it may become. If the "market" starts to avoid some of the Indian IT plays (becasue of currency concerns), then it may just go a step further and "sniff" out who might be the US based beneficiaries. In the interim, ANLY has to improve performance with a profitable 2nd H or 4th Q with guidance to higher profits in 2008. I don't know it that is going to happen, but the odds are better know than they were a year ago.

    • I agree with your analysis-balance sheet is worth about $1.00. In addition, EBITDA was $2.4 million in the 1st H, backing out one-time charges, so annually it will come in around $5.0 million or $.20/share. Therefore, when the stock is at $1.60, it sells for 3X EBITDA-very cheap. The immediate problem is the "market" could care less at this time and won't until:
      1)New CEO is appointed
      2)Sales and gross margins improve Y/Y enough to make meaningful profits or cashflow.

      The new CEO will articulate ANLY's direction and exicution which will most likely reafirm what the company is doing right now by focusing on:
      3)Professional Services

      But he/she may choose to shrink ANLY further to become profitable in defendable nitches. In the interim, this is a classic buy for value investors as the bored and the impatient have sold the stock down close to the balance sheet's liquidation value without taking into account the value of the business.

    • Don't be intellectually lazy, read the 10Qs and listen to the CCs.

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      • Don't be an arrogant blowhard. Your posts are intelligent but not informative of what's happening now regarding operating performance trends. The Q is stale dated by 3 months and the CC by 2. A lot of activity was to be in progress at this time. Jobs eliminated, retrenchment from low margin margin, new CEO, etc. All the promises discussed on the CC.

        Employees of AiC (former and present) should know these answers. Can anyone provide some help?