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  • wwrp55 wwrp55 Nov 16, 2010 12:30 PM Flag

    Not too shabby

    nice move today considering that it is black tuesday.

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    • As I have been (correctly) saying since $2/share, bashers have been closet buyers and they are stealing your shares if anyone is stupid enough to sell......this stock is worth $7 to $12 if the company can return to growth and profitability..this is based on peer projections (DCF valuation) and current trading levels (Comparables valuation)...if they can't, the business could easily be sold for at a bare minimum 0.1x EV/Revenue to any one of a number of competitors (all of whom trade at 0.4x to 0.5x EV/Revenue)....that plus cash sets a bare minimum value of $3/share which is where we are today.

      The longer term trend in employment is higher, particularly in the tech sector, over the next four years. So at the very least, the fundamental trend for this company is your friend for the next several years.

      In summary, you have very limited downside from here and very, very good upside potential.....this equates to hanging on and being patient.

      Anyone telling you different is a thief and a crook (particularly as no one in their right mind is short this stock)

    • who is laughing now, i will look you up and call you back to check out today's stock price :)

    • Hello everyone

      I am holding this crap for more than 2 years and I even forgot to look at it for months...

      Is this rreally true that it was up to $7 this year???

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      • Actually this company has been as high as $160/share (on a split-adjusted basis) about 10 years ago and they have destroyed shareholder value at every turn and no reason to believe that the trend will not continue. I believe the high for the past year was around $4 and change around the time of the reverse split.

        Value trap. People look at the balance sheet and figure that the company is worth more dead than alive, and that is true at the moment. Only problem is that the company's management and BOD continue to operate in a way that gradually takes those values South, while making sure they get their salaries and fees. Many companies that are worth more on the balance sheet than their stock price; only problem is that if they were to liquidate, shareholders would not receive anywhere near those values and the worse problem is that very few ever liquidate when they should. BOD has turned down offers as high as around $10 (split adjusted) within past few years and just led the company down the tubes. The have about 22% gross margins, which is at the very commodity end of the scale for a consulting/body shop. They have shaved SGA to the bone and demonstrate no revenue lift to leverage those savings. Treading water.

    • hey ww, you in this one?