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  • swank818 swank818 Feb 22, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    Hanging by a thread

    It is clear they bought business in Q4 to show any kind of volume, with margins dropping way off back to 21.7%. This is dead money and it is clear that they just want to perpetuate their own jobs and couldn't care less about the shareholders. How much stock have they bought out of their own pocket on the open market?? If they don't think it is worth $3.60, why should we. In fact, they didn't think it was worth $2.50 a while back.
    This is a disgraceful performance and I have sold my position because there is a raging bull market and I can buy high quality blue chips that will go up 20% in the next year or two rather than own this stagnant turd.

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    • So true. It looks like someone started selling off as soon as this last set of financial reports were released. Sadly, McKinney does not understand that running around chopping off the heads of those cross her path is not the way to win friends and influence people. McKinney seems to have created tremendous ill will. It's easy enough to make heads roll but it takes a person with people skills to successfully build the relationships needed to do well in staffing. At this point, McKinney has badly damaged Anly and the board should promptly replace her.

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