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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Feb 22, 2013 5:45 PM Flag


    THE TICKER WILL BE THE TAIL. Once money shows up IF it ever does you will see the stock move. But management has not shown any ability to drive shareholder confidence. Yes I am a holder of this stock and yes I am bad mouthing it and not pumping it -- I call em how I see em. Marco has not done a thing yet to help the stock so IF and WHEN he does we will can all smile and clap but until then we need to shut our trap......cuz - THEY HAVE NOT SHOWN US THE MONEY. Again - very likely they will whine that costs were high to drive the present growth BUT JUST WAIT and you will C THE MONEY. Bullcrap. IF Marco knows how to do deals we will see the money NOW not in some pipedream futuristic happening. Come on kids -- DEMAND THE MONEY. Once again we see Marco has no interest in buying shares on the open market and That tells the TALE. Boolean.

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    • Deals first, ticker second then money as deals come on line. Perhaps you did not notice but UDW was profitable last quarter if you discount the stock compensation awards.

      The new and improved lockbox version of Clearingworks Cloud Platform has been rolled out to hindreds of new clients so the 4th quarter shoild look good. IMHO if costs were growing Randy would have reported that so costs should remain relatively flat whil income climbs as well as net income.

      If the yet to be announced deal with an unknown software developing company focused on small, medium large small businesses in the US actually uses and pays for Clearingworks it's to the moon Alice!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • dow - you are one commited soul to this stock OR perhaps you should just be......committed. You have sang that song B-4 my friend only to find realty to be something much different. And if it is growing as you say don't you think big smart money would be in buying this stock -- I mean even Marco won't step up to the plate. And you said -- we were profitable IF you discount the stock compensation awards........YOU CAN'T DO THAT SON DON'T YOU SEE --- it is always something - ALWAYS. Managements sometimes just keeps growth growing to pay their way but not that of shareholders and thus far that is what has happened here. WE NEED TO SEE THE MONEY and that is the TALE OF THE TAIL THAT WAGS THE DOG. Patience my friend - reality will tell us a lot in the next Q and I will bet we will here the sad TALE of the bottom line not getting its share cuz but boy oh boy be excited about the top line. Like Trickle Down Economics - it is pure BS. Boolean.

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