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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Apr 19, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    dow and booleanisafool and biggle-giggles are the height of

    pumpers and they may all be the same person for all we know. dow speaks of due diligence and all you guys post are dreams and haystack hopes --- partners and marco's and this and that driver of growth and all the time the numbers come in flat to down. But now it is different once again. How can you kids keep this charade up? Sure US may finally get it right or get lucky or both but all the junk you post is meaningless. dow loves he owns a zillion shares yet he is not listed as an insider -- HOW MANY SHARES DO YOU OWN NOW DOW -- OWN NOW DOW is a bit whimsical is it not. How many kid?
    My portfolio is just fine as it always has been. You kids are need to give it a rest. Call Marco the great and see what kind of numbers he is bringing in - not partners to add to a list but CASH PAYING PARTNERS AND LEADS. You don't seem to understand that part --- and you think you are so smart and are the only ones that know of the massive growth coming for this company -- do you get that party???? Boolean.

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