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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher May 4, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    I see smoke off in the distance

    Is it Marco smoking a joint or lighting up the cash register with sales from "THE PARTNERS".........we shall see. Marco has proved NOTHING YET. Partners are only that - they only become GOOD PARTNERS when they start BUYING OUR STUFF or REFER SOMEONE ELSE WHO BUYS OUR STUFF. Until then they are only bogus names on a list of prospectives. We can have a little enjoyment watching ntn this week when they release to see how they are trending. In my Friday night meanderings last night I see without a doubt that people are out and about spending money - good times are back again. Does that mean ntn is seeing a scaling up of use - I would think so but I don't know for sure. And if they are having higher use rates can they bring the top line down to the bottom line or does it dissolve on its way yielding from costs giving nothing in the end - where shareholders can profit from the growth. We shall see. I am prudent and honest with myself and others on what I see in the outlook. I am selling Texas Instruments next week after their run -- I got what I wanted from it and that is all I want. Just like Pandora. You laughed at Freeport McMoran and it us up solid already - kept buying the dips as I noted - yes it will be volatile here and next week we may see some reversal in the commodity sector but I suspect Warren Buffett will be very upbeat in his presentation so that will help and investors are moving more money into the US market. We may have another year of good gains ahead. I own everything from mcdonalds to walgreens to three M (mmm) to caterpillar to cummins to biogen to mercadolibre to staples to starbucks to chevron to cliffs (dead meat -- waiting to really add as I view a major world-wide infrastructure rebuild is coming - easy way to increase economic growth AND it is needed sorely.) to agilent to rpm to polyone to humana to amat to mattel to S&P ETF to Russell
    2000 ultra to even treasury short via tmv and............a lot more. dividends/growth/value

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    • Boolean, perhaps your dementia is back and you forgot these highlights...

      -Last year at this time (Nov 2012) there were 700 Clearingworks clients the number is now 1100

      -Penetration of Cannon Resellers is approximately 25%

      -Growth challenges regarding onboarding and implementation due in part to the number of new clients and the anticipated launch of the new and improved Lockbox version of Clearingworks. A large number like 200 new clients were expected to be live and processing transactions in Jan 2013.

      - Burroughs sales staff is fully trained and marketing Clearingworks to its vast pool of clients and new prospects. While not specified I expect similar sales rates as experienced by Cannon.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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