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  • bigglesworth_mn bigglesworth_mn May 5, 2013 1:38 PM Flag

    Last year at this time (Nov 2012) there were 700 Clearingworks clients the number is now 1100


    I stole that line from a posting DOW put up today - it bears repeating - thanks DOW.
    In less than a year the number of clients has almost doubled.
    When this stock takes off remember Boolean, Gilkey, and Bluetit all reommended against buying - and Gilkey recommended SELL more than once.
    Those of you who believed DOW and I - you're welcome.
    (just my opinion - still may not be making a profit - but as I said earlier today ever since Mario left and Penrod and Palombo joined I believe UDWK turned a corner - but - as always do your own due diligence and don't spend what you cannot afford to lose - and it is a penny stock etc.etc.)
    Don't forget Palombo said there are plenty of exciting things coming this year with DELL too.

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    • Perhaps somegal forgot that half of the new clients onboarding was delayed until January as the new lockbox version of clearingworks was not immediately available. Oh and billing should not be an issiue especially since UDW would most probably use the automated billing system from one of their partners like Billtrust.

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    • Biggles, Nice find but if top end revenue does not increase beyond 2 mill I guess you call UDW dba Goodwill

    • 400 is a lot of clients added which is great. The question is can the billing department keep up with the billing and collection of all of these new clients without having to add significant overhead. Management will probably address this in the next call.

    • SO biggles -- 700 to 1100 is a.............DOUBLE. OK now I see the mathematical wizardy that you and DOW are using to come up with your numbers -- one is really a two and two is like a four right - just extrapolate it out and we got A DOUBLE and NO TROUBLE. When they were processing 7 billion why could they not make any money on it -- so one billion more will = KACHING -- huge profits. And again -- no other investors know this but you two. Sorry kids -- I will wait to see the pudding as you know - the proof is in the pudding. Let's see if this is indeed the tipping point or is it just another lost opportunity. If you can't make money on your deals or processing then who cares. If I see the tide is turning I will add more but until then I will remain an observer and not a pumper -- you kids have been pumping for long time and all you have is a stock that trades in the 9-14 cent range. Yet - you trashed my ntn buzztime that has zippled up to 40 cents now -- is it still a buy? We have to wait for earnings to see or it will deflate rapidily. I think they will be gaining traction here so for them it may well be the tipping point. You have to be cautious with these small fry guys -- not pumpers like DOUBLE bigglesworth and DOW 8 billion. Your friend Boolean. Tell Marco the great I said Hi. He should know who you are talking about.

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