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  • tennistocks tennistocks Dec 31, 2010 9:46 AM Flag

    4.40 in overseas trading -

    Nothing has changed - I don't think what you call manipulation will ever stop. So I guess you will be out of FCX forever. No offense, but women are too emotional (except for Mary).

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    • Emotional?....Emotional?????.....Emotional? Thought that was the bus that drove the market.

      You sound like that former New Orleans Saints coach (RC's favorite) that said Playoffs?.....playoffs??????...playoffs!!!!

      Sherry is a wise women so you best listen to her sport. It's time to play my favorite song by Archie Bell and the Drells...."the Tighten Up"......that's on your stop losses that is........Sorry the Tequila just tipped me over.

      Happy New year to Sherry, Hans, Mary, RC, Hold, Brain and the rest of my pals!!!!

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      • Ha, ha, ha....I love you guys/gals too....Neil, Reality, Hans, Brain, Mary, JJ, Hold, and some I can't think of right off the top of my head....too much celebration and Margaritas at my can pick me up off the floor next to my Tequila buddy, Neil. Just all are a special bunch of people on this board and I must say a lot of fun to know. Would be so much more fun to meet y'all in person some day! As for my earlier comments, I think everyone knows I love FCX......mostly, I'm just concerned about the artificial pricing these copper ETFs are creating, but then I think you're all smart enough to know that!! FCX is the REAL thing...these ETF's (COPX, etc.), are just raking in the gravy when it's the miners who deserve all the Kudos for their hard work....these other guys are just "piggybacking" off the ones who make it possible for them and they don't even get their fingers dirty......that's what disgusts me!!! Perhaps some of you are right about the high prices copper is commanding right now, but I don't think so and look to Neil for guidance about copper pricing. You are a smart bunch on this message board and I do enjoy all the healthy banter back and forth.

        I'll be around here a long time, I'm sure, so I'll just leave you with my usual Cheers and a VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to all!!!



      • Hmmmmmmmmm.....I think the correction has begun, Neil!!!


      • oh no doubt i love my sherry but that does not mean we must agree with everything cause i myself think this copper story is real. no i am not a fan of saints or any major football team and i can assure you black ball players in dreads shaking their wee wee in front of everyone and doing the dirty dance will never ever get a dime of my money.

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