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  • bigmoneymine bigmoneymine Jun 18, 2011 2:32 AM Flag


    The mother ship is about to leave orbit, they're spinning up the FTL drives now. Shouldn't you be on board? The admiral is waiting for your mission report. Should the fleet deploy the Raptors or just stick to rail-guns and ion cannons?

    Seriously dude, what's with the faux-European broken English routine? Your posts are virtually indecipherable, every one of them reads the same and, frankly, it's getting old. Get a new gig!

    I know you're quite capable of speaking / writing basic English as are most educated Europeans. I'm assuming you're European as you mentioned traveling / staying in Denmark on several occasions. What I find strange is that you're able to read and quickly respond to other people's posts but can't seem to write a coherent sentence on your own. You strike me as someone who's into fantasy games and role-playing situations because you can't face the world simply by being yourself. I'm saddened to see someone spend their life living in a fantasy world devoid of contact with real life and real people. This whole "Hanski"-thing is just one of your many persona, isn't it? Personally, I think you're probably an Albie alias as well, but then I really don't care.

    IMO, you're just another bored child, Hanski. I'm putting you and all the little Albie aliases on IGNORE -- no more commentary from me -- subject closed.

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    • Who is this guy BigMoney? Seems pretty funny.

    • Hans and many of us are just trying to put food on our table and to give our children a better life than we have had. Markets are tough, economy is poop, and not sure getting better any time soon. Give a guy a break, I wish he was my brother that I never had.

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      • Give a guy a break, I wish he was my brother that I never had. <<<<<<<<<<<<

        Tell him to mind his own business like you are doing. Nobody is attacking you.

        You are an innocent person and not understanding his cunning arrogance. That guy called Hansship has been rubbing the nose of other posters using several other aliases.

        Everybody on this board is getting irritated with that person’s post except Women. He can’t write one coherent sentence but his arrogance is showing up in his bit and piece English.

      • New your my brother from another mother as they say here.Very kind and nice of you.Happy father`s day captain.enjoy your children and the one who gave you a newheart.Mrs cappy

    • no speaking to Albie commode cutie Gerry atric poser.
      How many times are you going to put me on ignore coward.
      It is much easyer just to say f you Hans ,but you do not want to do a boo boo now do you.coward

    • Are you talking about me? Oh, man, this is too much. Ignore.

    • Mothership phat boy?This time put me on ignore the threat`s are getting very old.
      I do write simple phrases so a washed out music critics can comprehend my work.
      Why do you think you had the urge to reply to a person you have had on ignore?
      you get a A in grammer but we do need to work on your basic comp,not to bright upstairs are we.

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      • Got ya, blondie!!!

        Ooo--o-o-o, all the sudden we start writing semi-coherent sentences complete with punctuation and everything -- just as I thought - a poser.

        See, isn't better to be yourself rather than hiding behind some West-Coast-metro-sexual-Euro-cool facade? I believe you're beginning to show signs of being a just regular guy -- let's work with that! Next: let's see if we can drop that self-imposed force shield of snide smug cynicism?

        You're the captain of your own mind Hans, give the order: "Drop shields, open a channel". You think everyone you meet is just another Klingon battle cruiser intent on attacking you (I'm giving away my age here, but it's the only metaphor I have at the moment).

        That's right, a "force shield"; it's what you use to protect yourself from the potential hurt caused by others. The only problem is that it prevents you from engaging in normal social interactions with those who mean you no harm. You have to drop the shields in order to open a communication channel.

        OBTW: Thanks for the complement in referring to me as "phat". Did you mean FAT? Hey, that would be hurtful -- besides, I'm working on that! You used "phat" twice; I believe that's urban slang for cool, exceptional, socially desirable, G6, fly, etc. I'm a little old for all that, but I'll take complements whenever I can get them -- uh, I mean in a manly kind of way of course.

        OBTW: I cleared my ignore-list a while back. As I'm no longer posting on a regular basis, it really doesn't matter to me. Still, I found you to be the most irritating poster on this board, but I did get you to drop that phoney affectation, LOL!

        Maybe someday, when my people return to this planet, you will have evolved a little more then we can communicate. We normally do not contact pre-warp societies but your posts were so irritating we felt compelled to violate the Prime Directive and make first-contact anyway. Now that you're posting a your real self, perhaps there's hope for all other Earthlings as well.

    • Don't you know that he is a gay man!

      He may be a Mexican wet back crossed the border through a sewage duct. You can see from his writings on this board that he has no basic education at all.

      He overcomes that by flattering all the women on this board to make a company. Women always like men who flatter them no matter he is a murder or beggar. These women are also high school dropouts to respond to that low level retarded talk on this board. They all fit right with his level.

      He is a servile mental case enjoys being a subservient of Women.

      He hates all men that you can see and has many many identities on this board to attack them.

      In real life you never sit next to him or even talk to him if you see him in baggy low waist pants with tattoos and piercing.

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