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  • kgigkgjkggngn kgigkgjkggngn Sep 25, 2011 12:33 AM Flag

    Things are rocking-sorry gloomers


    It's all about fear! The market is about to get that giddy
    feeling again! GM is cranking out the vehicles faster than
    they can keep up with the demand! THAT IS A FACT! My brother-
    in-law works out at the GM Plant in Arlington, Texas and they are
    working and giving Him more overtime than He can stand!

    All the major highways are so full that their are not enough
    space of the roads to hold them all!!! All the freeways need
    to be expanded and they are having a hard time just keeping
    up with that!

    What use to be fields out south of the Dallas/Fort Worth area
    are expanding and growing and getting bigger and
    bigger everyday!

    The malls in the area are jammed packed and the shopping malls
    are full of cars! This is a fact! People have money and are
    out and about! Guess everyone is getting ready for the up
    coming Holidays!

    Enjoying all the gloomy faces on them big networks. They know
    that bad news sell better than good! Do not know why, BUT IT DOES!

    Buy when the say the sky is falling and the next thing you know
    they will all be telling you that the lows for the year have
    been put in!

    Yes and you would not have been able to get prices like this,
    unless the doom and gloom and fear had been dished out first ;)

    Know it is hard to buy when that GOM Gut-O-meter is needing the
    pepto, however remember that saying, No pain, no gain!

    It is true


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    • There is one thing that puzzles me the most , and that is since the man you and your protege's seem to dislike so much has been in office the DOW HAS RISEN 35% .

      I'm not even going to waste my time telling you what his predecessor did with it , no need to dredge that up again , it's impossible to forget .

      It appears that you either don't know what you are doing investment wise , stocks do not go up forever , especially when other parts of the world economies are unstable .

      Take a moment do your so called " due diligence " and study up , better yet turn on the " Idiot Box " or read a newspaper and enlighten yourself a bit and I am certain you may find the reason why the demand for copper etc. is down . Obama doesn't buy it , let alone need to , so why blame him ?

      Did he make you buy this stock ? or did he make you hold it ?

      As the song goes ... " You gotta' know when to hold em' and know when to fold em' " and know when to walk away or in this case RUN !

      Given the choice , would you prefer the Dow back at 7,000 and change or where it is today ? take your pick .

    • Your observation is true in part. Texas has managed to skirt the brunt of the downturn. Maybe now would be a good time to exercise our liberties to secede from the Union. We have the infrastructure, resources, and a business friendly environment that breeds sustainable growth. The problem that we face in the country as a whole is more than just cable tv "fear antics". There is a somber sense throughout the nation that the Fed is completely out of options. The overall market reaction to the 3rd wave of spending told a chilling story. Simply put, the government must cut spending dramatically,instate a flat tax on consumer goods, and increase tariffs on imported goods. The political will to do any of these is non-existant. The Dems say "increase tax", but they are unwilling to stop spending money on their special interests. The Repubs say, "cut spending" but they are unwilling to increase taxes. Politicians are the scourge of our country. Their personal agendas have driven our debt through the roof, lined the pockets of the WS elite that buy their votes, and plunged our nation into a true 1930's scenario.

      So, I believe what you say about Texas. We are doing well, at least better than most. Overall, Washington is the problem. I would gladly support Perry if his move was to become the President of the Repulic of Texas. At this point though, he will get the presidency of the nation to further the agenda's of the previous Bush admin's. In short, Dem or Repub, this nation is in a world of hurt. These parties are just the two wings that fly the fusalage of the elite and special interest groups that can afford to send a smooth talking lobbyist to DC. Most come straight from WS.

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