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  • bukakitonight bukakitonight Feb 28, 2006 4:13 PM Flag


    After bending NAT over for a 2 month gain of 20% and dumping it before the divy, I can say I made the right move. Thank you, UBS.

    Now if it will just make it down to 25 so I can reload...

    Good luck.

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    • Major brookerage firms have manipulated stock prices over and over again. I have seen major firms stick it to investors by moving stock prices to influence their investment banking relationship. A conflict of interest exists when an Investment Bank moves the price one way or the other, while profiting from stock ownership. Often investment banks are paid in a percentage of stock floated by a secondary offering,(sometimes as high as 7% of the stock offered). After the deal is done they can sell with an even greater gain. It screws those on the wrong side of the trades. The sale by the Brokerage firm of the secondary stock to their prefered customers provides a sure bet to those moving into and then out again with the future upgrade. Investment banking and commercial banking should never be allowed to owned by the same firms. Having said all that I still fell good about NAT, and will buy on dips and sell on pops. I hope for a sell off back under 20 but doubt we will ever see that again if they keep paying such great dividends.

    • this thing will pay 5.00 dividends a year so I am happy you just need to know when to buy. I have been able to keep buying every time it hits below 30 doesnt seem like too bad of a strategy

    • The CEO was in New York at earnings announcement and I am sure he was cutting his deal so I think UBS knew what they were doing those fucking assholes. Oh well gave us a chance to buy on the dip. I think the dividends on this will attract buyers

    • I have a hard time believing that a major firm like UBS would try to manipulate the stock price on a company like NAT that it is also underwriting. They have waaayyy too much at stake to chase pennies that way. Also, I will be surprised if their analysts knew about the underwriting before the rest of us did. Seems like they would have to keep those two departments far away from each other.

      Worse has happened though.

    • I'm with you, will load at $25 if it gets there. But I get to use my divy money to buy it ;^)

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