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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Aug 10, 2006 10:45 AM Flag

    How many shares are short of NAT?

    Guys, announced that NAT has been removed from the naked shorting "THRESHHOLD" list. But how can we find out how many shares are short? I dont buy what yahoo posts:N/A Theses numbers are usually done quarterly I am told. Much too long of a wait. Also, is there any way to get this massage board back to the old style?!!!!!!!!

    And by the way, I am not a technical analysis fan, but it sure looks like this stock is "tired" if you look at the daily charts. Wouldnt be surprised to see it pull back 3-4 points.


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    • Sounds good to me - I have had a large portfolio percentage in NAT since 2004, and have been enjoying the reliable dividend income and growth.

      This looks like a good time to buy more.

      One thing is for sure - getting control over my finances, reading up on market news, and willingness to RISK - have all been factors contributing to a strong return this year. I am at 13% YTD and hope to pull down 18% by year's end. NAT is helping!

    • Come on and jump ship. I would like to add at 28 again as I did in March. With all the dividends I have cost under $14/share. Maybe I will be able to go over 1000 shares soon. Keep the fear factor high. Thanks to all those running for the hills. Bill, are you holding the stock you bought on my suggestion?

    • Marc,

      Here is a link to track the number of shares short in NAT [or other stocks�..]

      Here is a link to track TA on NAT [or other stocks��..]

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      • Thanks John. With over 5% of the shares of NAT short, and its also on naked short list, I am glad I sold half of my position. This looks to me as if it will have downward pressure for at least another month. Glad I sold half my position. Its a great co., but seems quite manipulated by the shorts to me. Plus there is almost no insider ownership. Thats a lethal combination.
        Great site recommendation. I will be signing up for it soon! I invite you to take a look at my yahoo board called:momsonline stocks and perhaps you would like to be a contributor. Its a beautiful thing when we can all help each other stay ahead of the curve instead of shouting insults a spewing silly info about bulletin board stocks that go nowhere.

        thanks for the info,

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