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  • titanic989898 titanic989898 Jan 18, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    When Jim Cramer brought Herbj Hansson to his show about one year ago, I saw the interview, saw the debt on the books, researched it, I immediately entered a SHORT position

    Herbj Hansson was a complete clown, thoughts drifting everywhere in that fake accent. I could see right through him.. Still short..

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    • Short still? Pardon, but that's dumb. Cover, cause there's not enough down side left as long as there is any dividend. I've seen Cramer have Herb on the show about three times. He stuck with him as long as he could, in that Cramer is basically a "trader" and he hates to hold a losing position. He also has to worry about his reputation. I disliked Cramer in the beginning, but think he is a really smart guy and his advice is better than average. People can learn a lot from him, even if they don't follow his advice.

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      • Spot on post about Cramer. He does good research on some things, and he is good to watch in terms of sector and market overviews. He is surprising right on a number of his calls, but his timing often leaves a lot to be desired....which is why its not usually a good idea to trade along with him. You should take his idea and do your own research before making any decisions. He made me a nice piece of change on the COP spinoff and on SD to name a couple. I waited too long on a couple of his calls and missed out on a couple nice runs on HD and EOG. OTOH, I don't like agree with a lot of his sell calls - and his lightning round stuff is too off the cuff for me. I look at his trading advice and see what ideas I can pick up for short term or long term investing.

        He will be really down on NAT for a long time now, once he gets burned by a CEO he has a long memory. To be fair, his pitch for quite a while now has been that NAT is the best house in a bad neighborhood, which is about as close to a stay away rec as you can get without yelling "sell".

        I am really PO'd about Herb this guy a blowhard liar or just in over his head and didn't realize how deep the water was?!?

        I did buy a few hundred shares as a spec around $11, I am now wondering if I should replace with some LEAPS, or if this will be dead money for several years going forward?
        I would just hold the shares in hope of future rebound at $1.20/share div, but I can do a lot more with those funds than the current 0.60/share now offers me at this point....

        Fool me once, Herb, shame on you...but fool me, I don't think so.

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    • i_no_im_pissing_you_offf i_no_im_pissing_you_offf Jan 18, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

      Yep, Cramerized!!

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